‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 848: Pedro And Brooke Raid Treasure Room, Sanji Falls For Pudding But She Plans To Disrupt Wedding? [Spoilers]

Chapter 848 of the popular Japanese manga One Piece continues from where the previous one left off, however, it delivers on all the promises of intense action.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 848 spoilers/recap ahead]

The previous chapter revealed Luffy and Nami had been completely immobilized in Big Mom's "Prisoner's Library" on "Page 55." Despite being in shackles, Luffy kept on challenging the Yonko, which bemused her henchmen. It is not clear why Luffy is so desperate to fight Big Mom, since he had made it perfectly clear that he had stepped foot on Whole Cake Island with the sole intention of rescuing his "nakama" Black Leg Sanji. Having realized that yelling or reprimanding Luffy for doing so isn't going to help, Nami sits quietly.

While the henchmen are making fun of Luffy, Anglais, one of the younger siblings, approaches and cautions them there's an intruder in the "Treasure Room." While Lady Smoothie appears mildly surprised, it is quite likely she will take her entourage to the "Room of Offerings" to investigate.
The scene shifts to Big Mom's private chambers, where the Yonko appears very jubilant since she believes all her plans are about to come to fruition the next day. Although insulted and provoked by Luffy, she appears in good spirits. However, her joy is cut short with a notification buzzing in her pirate hat. A voice through the hat confirms the presence of an intruder who is "making a ruckus in the Treasure Room region." Interestingly, Big Mom appears concerned only about the "Tamatebako," a small treasure box that once belonged to King Neptune. Luffy had inadvertently handed the box to Big Mom. It is apparent that the Yonko doesn't suspect the thief might be after the Road Poneglyphs.


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Meanwhile, Sanji is pacing nervously in the guest room allotted to him. His current priority is ensuring the safety of Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats gang. However, he is equally concerned about his mentor Zeff and his restaurant Baratie. The chef attempts to convince himself that the promise made by Big Mom will be kept as long as he marries Lady Pudding. He is deeply saddened to "part ways with friends." However, Sanji feels ensuring none of them die makes his compromises and sacrifices worthwhile.

Chapter 848 finally confirms what mangaka Eiichiro Oda had been implying for so long. Sanji has fallen deeply in love with Lady Pudding. He brushes asides his tear-inducing thoughts, thinking it would not suit the groom to be seen crying in front of the would-be bride. Meanwhile, Lady Pudding reminisces about her relation and conversations with Lola. However, her thoughts are interrupted by one of her chambermaids, who informs her that Big Mom doesn't approve of the dress Pudding chose for the next day's ceremony, and adds that she must wear what the Yonko has picked out for her.
The scene then shifts to the Room of Offerings, where there's utter chaos. In the previous chapter, Pedro had agreed to be bait, while Brooke would steal the Road Poneglyphs. Hence Pedro is causing as much pandemonium as he can. Using his agility and speed, the jaguar mink "wipes out" the Treasury Room, and according to one of the guards, Pedro appears to be in possession of a bomb. Though Big Mom's henchmen and soldiers try to shoot Pedro, he manages to evade them by racing across halls and ceilings. Skillfully dodging all the arrows and bullets, Pedro drops a bomb that destroys a large portion of the Treasure Room, taking down many soldiers with the explosion.
Although Pedro successfully creates a diversion, Baron Tamago is on to his tricks, and alters Lady Smoothie about the second intruder. He informs Lady Smoothie that Brooke has managed to lock himself with several of Big Mom's henchmen in the Treasure Room. However, he adds, since the room has only one entrance, a vigilant security could intercept the second intruder. Lady Smoothie informs Baron Tamago that she plans on killing Brooke, but he cautions her that killing Brooke isn't permitted since the creature is "nothing but bones," and hence Big Mom would like to add him to her collection of strange beasts.
Inside the Treasure Room, Brooke admires Pedro's hard work, and notes there's significantly lower number of the enemy's soldiers left standing. It appears Brooke has studied about the "Barbarian Chess soldiers." He notes the otherwise lifeless creatures are animated by souls that are forcibly inserted in them by Big Mom. While shielding himself from their swords, Brooke whisks out his shark guitar, and blasts out soul music. Proving his is indeed the "The Soul King," Brooke makes the soldiers completely ineffective. He clarifies that souls "merely cast into the wrong bodies, do not stand a chance of standing up against the obstinate nature of my screaming soul."
While Brooke is using his musical ability to subdue the Chess Barbarian army, Lady Pudding quietly enters the Prisoner's Library. She politely asks one of the guards, called Opera, if she can step inside the cage to talk to Luffy and his friend. While Luffy cries out angrily, Opera appears surprised, but allows Pudding to go inside the jail.

Forgetting he is in the enemy's territory, Luffy blurts out he waited for Lady Pudding at the coast, but she did not turn up. While Nami cautions Luffy that he shouldn't yell such sensitive information, Pudding apologizes for the "terrible things" her brothers and sisters did to the duo.

Realizing Pudding is being sincere, Nami accepts her apology. However, Luffy and Nami appear shocked when Pudding informs her that Sanji proposed to her. Although Pudding acknowledges that Sanji's proposal made her very happy, she adds that she is aware of the cruel circumstances surrounding the same. Pudding delivers a further jolt to the imprisoned duo by informing them that she won't be marrying Sanji. Pudding then proceeds to whisper something in Luffy and Nami's ears that utterly shocks them. With a smile on her lips and tears streaming down her face, Pudding bids them a tearful goodbye.

While Lady Pudding won't be marrying Sanji, what could be her plans? Will Brooke manage to steal the Road Poneglyphs and escape the Treasure Room? How will Luffy and Nami escape the Prisoner's Library? What are Carrot and Chopper up to? Hopefully, upcoming Chapter 849 of One Piece manga will answer these questions.

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