Microsoft confirms 250GB Xbox 360 for Modern Warfare 2 launch

Call of Duty 4 follow-up Modern Warfare 2 isn’t just a game – it’s an industry in itself. As well as a slightly mental Special Edition version of the game (with free night vision goggles – seriously, wut?), players will be able to purchase a range of MW2-branded controllers, mice, console skins, and other such nonsense.

Now, there will even be a Modern Warfare 2 console.

Microsoft has just announced the hardware you see above, a brand new model of the Xbox 360 based on Activision’s first-person shooter. Modern Warfare 2 isn’t the first game to have a commemorative Xbox 360 dedicated to it – Halo 3 and Resident Evil 5 got the same treatment – but this one comes with a 250GB hard disk drive and two wireless controllers.

As you can see, it’ll also be black, with a whacking great “2” on the side. No word on price yet, but it’s probably going to be less than A MILLION DOLLARS.

[Via Kotaku]