Halloween Under Attack In Southern Russia

Halloween is currently under attack in Russia, according to ABC News. Some individuals are keen on cancelling the holiday in Stavropol Krai, which is located in the southern region of the country. Since these folks view the celebration as nothing more than an endangerment to children, getting rid of the holiday is the only available option.

The ban is being spearheaded by several Russian Orthodox Church leaders and a group of Cossacks who feel Halloween has overstayed its welcome.

“I consider it absolutely unacceptable for certain reasons. Halloween celebrations have been imposed on us for 20 years, and we are perfectly aware of how it all looks: revelry, baboonish behavior and scoffing at death, and thus at the memory of our deceased loved ones, whom all of us certainly have,” a a youth leader at the local diocese in Stavropol Krai explained.

According RIA Novosti, schools in Krasnodar Territory have already banned students from celebrating the holiday. In addition to crippling the mental health of children, Halloween ultimately puts kids in harms way.

“Children who participate in such celebrations often feel fear, emotional suppression, and aggression and are susceptible to suicide,” the educational ministry explained.


The holiday was quickly embraced in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. Halloween parties even began springing up in schools during the late 90s. However, Moscow decided in 2003 that primary and secondary school teachers should think twice about allowing their students to celebrate the holiday. Now it would seem that some would like to ban Halloween altogether.

Of course, Russian schools aren’t the only centers of education that are against the celebration of Halloween. According to RT, Lafayette Elementary School in Seattle, Washington decided to ban the holiday in order to keep students from being distracted. However, one parent revealed that school officials were concerned about children being offended by certain Halloween costumes.

Do you think Halloween should be banned in schools?