'WWE TLC' Rumors: AJ Styles Promises To End Ambrose Feud, Is Undertaker On The Way?

Out of all the superstars on SmackDown Live, AJ Styles has remained one of the most entertaining superstars, week in and week out, throughout the first few months of the brand split. He has put on some of the best matches on SmackDown Live and he has even made jobber James Ellsworth more entertaining than ever. However, heading into WWE TLC, AJ Styles posted on Twitter that he is going to end the charade in his TLC match with Dean Ambrose.

Many also suspect that James Ellsworth will get involved in the WWE TLC match, possibly on behalf of AJ Styles tonight. Furthermore, there have been rumors that Undertaker will be back to wrestle at the Royal Rumble in January and the number one possibility for his opponent is AJ Styles, meaning that AJ would need to win at WWE TLC.

While some complain that AJ Styles has lost to someone like James Ellsworth on three different occasions, it has served the purpose of creating entertaining television and moving the feud forward with Dean Ambrose. However, the shelf life of the Ambrose feud is nearing an end, and the company needs to figure out what comes next. If AJ Styles beats Ambrose at WWE TLC, the feud should end there.

The next step is where each wrestler goes next. On SmackDown Live this past week, AJ Styles put James Ellsworth in the hospital and there is a chance he could return for revenge against Styles, costing Ambrose the match at WWE TLC.

They could then give James Ellsworth his guaranteed title match with AJ Styles on SmackDown Live and Dean Ambrose could repay the favor and start a mini-feud with Ellsworth. That would allow AJ Styles to move on to his post-WWE TLC feud. That could be with The Undertaker.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, The Undertaker is back as a regular SmackDown Live wrestler, although he has only made one appearance since his return and is not booked in a match at WWE TLC. One of the biggest rumors was that next year's WrestleMania would be Undertaker's retirement match, possibly against John Cena.

One idea was for Undertaker to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE world championship after WWE TLC and win the title at the Royal Rumble. He would then possibly put the title on the line against John Cena in a title vs. retirement match. If Cena wins, Undertaker retires, much the same way Shawn Michaels did a few years back against Undertaker.

If John Cena wins, he would also tie Ric Flair for the most world title wins in wrestling history. Those two stipulations could make this the biggest match in WrestleMania history. They would need to get the title on Undertaker for those two stipulations to happen in the same match and it could all start tonight with an angle at WWE TLC.


WWE TLC has some great matches lined up tonight. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match could steal the show. The women are trying to raise the stakes once again with the tables bout between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss. Bray Wyatt could win his very first title tonight in the tag team title encounter.

Finally, the world title WWE TLC match between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose should deliver because this is the kind of fight Ambrose always steps up for. If the WWE TLC match ends in James Ellsworth costing Dean Ambrose the title, that could be interesting. If this WWE TLC match leads to the in-ring return of The Undertaker, that could make it can't-miss television.

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