Duggar Cousin Amy: Fans Urge Her To Divorce As She Joins One New Reality Show And Hints At Another

Duggar cousin Amy King has some new projects in the works. If the fans have any say in it, one of them should be ditching husband Dillon, who they say is an abuser and dangerous. Instead, Amy is joining at least one reality show with Dillon -- and she's telling fans that another might be coming up.

First, Dillon and Amy have already been announced as part of the cast of the next season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Though Dillon has no history in reality television, it seems Amy qualifies after joining her Duggar cousins on their reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, which was canceled last year. Amy announced she wouldn't be joining the Duggar family's new show, Counting On, but it appears that instead, Amy plans to make a circuit of other reality shows.
On one preview for Marriage Boot Camp, Amy is seen telling the circle a story. She describes someone grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off the ground. The clear implication is that the Duggar cousin is talking about her husband Dillon, though she doesn't mention his name in the clip -- it could be a story about him rescuing her from some assailant, with sly editing to keep viewers guessing.

Still, We TV's description of the Amy and Dillon's relationship doesn't bode well.

"Amy, cousin of the famed '19 Kids and Counting' Duggar family, and husband Dillon King shock the others when they enter marriage boot camp after only being married for 7 months. Upon arrival, their lack of respect for each other is apparent."
If the clip was meant to get fans concerned, it worked. On Dillon and Amy's Facebook page, fans are suggesting that it's time for her to get out.
"If your husband choked you that's not love. No one has the right to assault others. If someone who claims to love you is hurting you, run."
Duggar cousin Amy tells tale of being lifted off the floor
[Image by We TV]

Other comments ask the Duggar cousin to please clarify if things aren't as bad as the clip makes them seem.

What's more, a recent Facebook video uploaded by Dillon and Amy demonstrates that they still are not only not in agreement on some pretty important relationship matters, but are willing to take the disagreement public.

At about the six minute mark, the pair begin to discuss babies."Our number is like, two," Dillon says.Amy argues, "Like, two or three.""I like two," says King."I like three," the Duggar cousin insists."We'll have that fun talk." Dillon sighs.

Duggar cousin Amy Dillon Kig can't agree on kids
[Image by We TV]

Amy has definitely talked about marital problems before, mostly saying that marriage takes work and trust -- though there was one tweet about fighting, which could possibly relate to the story the Duggar cousin told about being physically assaulted.

None of Amy's social media posts have hinted at marital troubles as large as physical abuse, though.

Back to the Facebook video, though: At about the 10-minute mark, the pair drops their hint about another reality show. Asked to show more of their home renovations, Amy and Dillon look at each other and laugh. They explain that they can't show much of it yet and can't really tell the reason, but that "something bigger might be in the works."

Viewers had wondered before whether Amy might be angling for a spot on a home renovation show, so her refusal to discuss that further, and her assertion that there's a secret to be revealed later, only affirms that for those who've been following the Duggar cousin.

If Amy Duggar King has success with her time on Marriage Boot Camp and is featured on a home renovation show as well, might she look for other reality shows to join after those?

[Featured Image by Amy and Dillon King/Facebook]