Kayla Eby's Husband Freak-Out Gets 2.3 Million Views: Photoshop Pics Of 'Coyote' Dog Bring Buzz [Hoax]

When things go viral, the can seriously go viral. Kayla Eby found that out when Eby posted 12 photos onto her Facebook page, with screenshots of the melee that resulted after Eby pretended to have brought a small coyote into her home. Kayla's photo of a coyote pup sitting next to her child was actually the work of Photoshop -- not a real coyote puppy -- but Eby didn't tell her husband that information when she sent him a playful photo of the coyote, claiming it was a small and cold puppy she brought into their home from outside.

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Warning: The Facebook page of Eby contains 12 new photos that were uploaded on December 1, at 5:50 p.m., which contain language that might be offensive.

"When you have a crazy hubby and friends with Photoshop."
Eby has gotten more than 14,000 Facebook reactions to her dozen photos, with 2,837 shares and more than 4,300 comments -- as of this writing. Many of the comments that Kayla has received reflect the reactions that folks have had to Kayla's husband's reaction.

The entire hoax began with Kayla texting her husband, writing that she'd found a "cute little dog outside" that was missing his tags. Eby wrote that it was a scared animal that she brought inside because he was cold. However, Eby's husband questioned whether or not the whole thing was a joke — and warned her about bringing random animals into the house.

That's when Justin seem to explode during the text message conversation, writing that it wasn't a dog but a coyote.

Eby continued to quip with her husband, writing that she knew a coyote from a dog.
"Babe … I think I know a dog if I see one. But can I keep it?"
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Justin called Kayla a "nut job" and demanded that she put the coyote back outside. She refused, and asked Justin if she could keep it.

"DIVORCE. Just kidding. But no. That thing better be outside before I get home. You are another level of crazy."

"Babe. You said we could talk about getting a dog for Christmas and then we never did … this is fate."


That's when Justin told Kayla she could not keep the wild animal and that it better not be in the house when he got home.

According to the article titled "Husband Freaks Out After His Wife Texts Him She Brought A Dog Home While The Pic Shows A Coyote," as reported by Bored Panda, Kayla's husband is named Justin Bogh. Perhaps it's Justin's profanity-filled reaction in the text message screenshots that are gaining the most attention, with that article alone gaining 2.3 million views within approximately 24 hours.

As reported by Trendolizer, that Bored Panda article was shared nearly 400,000 times since around 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, December 4.

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Whereas Kayla's Facebook page shows her surprised reaction -- along with its own profanity and humorous reactions -- to going viral, some folks have their own opinions about how Kayla's husband should have reacted to the hoax. However, some folks are defending Bogh, writing that Justin's reaction came out of concern for his family.

Others are imploring people to literally read through all of the text messages on Kayla's Facebook post -- before they make snap judgments and figure out that it was all just a hoax and ruse by Eby and Photoshop-loving friends. Beyond the initial photo, Kayla posted a Photoshopped image of a full-grown coyote next to their child.

Eby's Facebook page also noted that if she knew her coyote puppy prank was going to go viral, she would have dressed their child in more clothing.

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