Kourtney Kardashian To Marry Scott Disick, She's 'In Love'

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been through a lot of ups and downs over the course of their relationship.

The two have three kids together and it looks like they are thinking of getting back together again. Kourtney and Scott had always denied that something was brewing between them, but now it looks like they are pretty fed up of denial.

Radar Online has said that Kourtney wants to be with Scott Disick. The sources have said that Scott Disick has been trying pretty hard to win her back. It looks like "Kourt's been impressed with how hard he's worked to get back into her good graces, and she fell in love with him all over again during their Mexican vacation," a source revealed.

The sources have also said that Kourtney and Scott have moved in together and there are plans of getting married too. "Kourtney's allowed Scott to move back in with her and the kids, but she also hit him with the ultimatum that it's time they got married."

It looks like Scott Disick isn't really okay and was shocked by the idea of marriage, but the two have been planning a "quiet" marriage. "The blood drained from Scott's face at the suggestion, but he's since accepted her terms," added the source. The sources went on to say that the two are "plotting a quiet wedding at home with only immediate family — not even friends will be allowed."

The only detail of their wedding plan that has been divulged is that there is not going to be any alcohol around. "There will definitely be no booze to tempt Scott to go off the rails again!"

For those who follow Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, know that Scott's alcoholism was a big reason the two got separated. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Scott Disick are now over all the bumps in their relationship and looks like they're back for good. The two have always insisted that they hand out together only because of their three kids.

It had been reported before that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick also want another baby. The two were recently spotted in Mexico on a holiday. "Kourtney wants to have another baby," Hollywood Life had reported.

The sources had said that the two had been hooking up already. "Kourtney and Scott get along incredibly well. They have been spending lots of time together and have even been hooking up here and there," a source told Hollywood Life exclusively.

It was being reported that Scott had cut down on his drinking and night club appearances to please Kourtney.

It looks like Scott also listened to Kourtney when she asked him to cut back on his alcohol consumption. "Kourtney asked him to cut back and he did," a friend said.

It looks like the friends don't find it surprising that the two have gotten together. They say that Kourtney never stopped loving Scott in the first place. "Kourtney never stopped loving [Scott], and they both feel they make great babies together," the source added.

However, sources have also said that Kourtney Kardashian has been abused by Scott Disick. Behind her back, Scott Disick has called Kourtney Kardashian names that are horrible, to say the least. "He's so cruel to [Kourtney], it's unreal."

"Behind her back he's mean as hell, saying she's 'way too old' for him now and trying way too hard to look sexy," the insider continued.

Scott Disick has even said that Kourtney Kardashian looks like a man. "[Scott] often says [Kourtney] looks too masculine and even said she looked like a drag queen in her recent magazine shoot," the source revealed.

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