Ann Coulter’s Twitter: If Trump Sells Out, It’s Not The Fault Of Trump Voters — ‘Cuck’ Insults Fly

Ann Coulter is once again making buzz online, after going viral in early September when she was roasted, as reported by the Inquisitr.

As seen in the following tweet, Coulter was called pretty harsh terms several months ago, during Rob Lowe’s roast. Such harsh terms drew derision from Coulter’s fans — and even those on social media who weren’t fans of the outspoken pundit.

Now Coulter is making news once more because of words she tweeted about President-elect Trump, essentially making excuses in a pre-emptive fashion in case Trump “sells out,” as Coulter termed it.

As seen in the below tweet, a Twitter user made a comment about the CBS article titled “Mike Pence and Scott Pelley talk the Carrier deal and Trump’s promises.”

Coulter re-tweeted that article and added her own comments about Trump — and they are comments that are bringing plenty of controversy to Ann’s Twitter account on Saturday, December 3.

retweeted the article that had been tweeted by Kaus, an article that mentioned Trump’s plans to punish firms that decided to leave the U.S. for cheaper operations in other countries.

The piece went on to detail Vice President-elect Mike Pence reiterating Trump’s promises to lessen the amount of taxes that American workers would have to pay — along with the regulations that would reportedly be done away with in order to make the U.S. a more financially-attractive place for companies to conduct their business.

Coulter can be seen in a debate with Van Jones in the above photo.

Carrier in Indiana is one of those companies that was the focus of the article that Coulter re-tweeted.

Ann mentioned that she predicted a “sell-out” was coming, without being more specific about what she meant. Coulter did not detail if that meant she felt Carrier would actually move to Mexico or not.

“Sounds like the big sell-out is coming. Oh well. The voters did what we could. If Trump sells out, it’s not our fault.”

There were 300 Carrier jobs Trump bragged about staying in Indiana that were never at risk of moving to Mexico, reports ABC News.

According to the publication, at least 600 Carrier jobs will still be outsourced to Mexico. Whether that’s why Coulter published a tweet about a Trump “sell-out” on the way remains to be seen.

What is clear is that Coulter is getting plenty of feedback on social media about her Trump tweet. Many of the replies to Coulter’s tweet mention the word “cuck,” which is short for the term “cuckservative,” a combination of “conservative” and “cuckold,” which means selling out, according to the Los Angeles Times definition of “cuck.”

Below are some comments to Coulter’s tweet.

“Ann Coulter has gone off the deep end! He hasn’t taken the oath of office & she’s already accusing him of betraying us. STOP ATTACKING TRUMP!”

“Ann Coulter: Trump supporters have always maintained that we would hold him accountable. This is about much more than Trump.”

“Ann Coulter: He lied & flip flopped 4 16 months. Now, you have buyer’s remorse & try to claim principles.”

“If only someone said something during the campaign, oh, like Trump cannot be trusted, he doesn’t believe a thing he…never mind.”

“Funny, Ann Coulter wrote a book titled In Trump We Trust yet she’s always the first to doubt him.”

“You know, I love Ann but it sure as hell seems like she’s used Trump to make a quick buck.”

“The constant stream of untruths during the campaign weren’t a clue?”

As seen in the top photo above, Lou Ferrigno joked around with Coulter at the premiere of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

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