‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ Gets Shredded In Early Reviews

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D isn’t starting off its theatrical jaunt on the right foot with critics. The film’s current Rotten Tomatoes score is a disappointing 17 percent, which suggests that the sequel might have a hard time winning over the critics.

Revelation is the long-awaited sequel to Brotherhood of the Wolf director Christophe Gans’ adaptation of the popular survival horror video game. While the first installment wasn’t a huge box office success — Box Office Mojo reports the first film only made $46 million in the US — apparently someone thought the property was hot enough to return for a follow-up.

Unfortunately, Crave Online reviewer William Bibbiani feels the sequel just isn’t any good. “Hollywood, this isn’t good enough. ‘Silent Hill’ deserves better,” he wrote. “Audiences deserve better. Video games deserve better. And frankly, the film industry deserves better, because if Hollywood can’t make a single decent movie based on a video game after this many tries, they may have to finally admit that video games can tell superior stories.”

Silent Hill: Revelation didn’t fare much better with Blu-ray.com critic Brian Orndorf, either When all was said and done, he could only give the picture one star out of a possible five.

“[The film] has no personality to speak of, with a reduced budget and limited directorial vision turning the potential for an atmospheric terror picture into a television melodrama with occasional bursts of macabre happenings,” Orndorf explained.

While Michelle Alexandria at Eclipse Magazine claims that fans of the Silent Hill video game franchise are likely to enjoy the film’s visceral thrills, she admits that the narrative itself is a bit of a mess.

“While the script really is a mess, the strangeness of the entire affair has a train wreck quality to it that keeps you interested. There are some truly strange moments with unique creature work that is both frightening in design but comical in execution,” she wrote.

All three of this week’s new releases aren’t expected to make a ton of money over the weekend. In addition to Revelation, moviegoers can also choose from Cloud Atlas, Fun Size, and Chasing Mavericks.

Will you catch Silent Hill: Revelation 3D in theaters this weekend?