‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ Coming To Android, iOS This Year

While we all wait for nuggets of information regarding Grand Theft Auto V to surface, Rockstar announced something to make the wait a bit more bearable.

In celebration of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City‘s 10th anniversary, Rockstar will be releasing a port of the controversial open world classic on Android and iOS at some point this fall for $4.99.

The re-release is said to include a number of “enhancements,” but Rockstar is choosing to keep details on that hush-hush for now. They did, however, reveal that new assets and artwork will be available for purchase for a limited time over at Rockstar’s store.

Additionally, an all-new trailer highlighting some of the game’s finest moments is set to be released this year.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City gave players the freedom of a massive open-world in one of the most iconic and vibrant settings ever realized in a game,” recalled Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games. “It was a defining moment in the series and we’re delighted to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with a stunning, updated version for phones and tablets.”

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was originally released in 2002 as a follow-up to Grand Theft Auto III, one of the most critically acclaimed and controversial titles of its era.

Set in the 80s in an area heavily inspired by Miami, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City follows the exploits Tommy Vercetti as he attempts to hunt down those who did him wrong while also establishing a foothold in Vice City’s shady underworld.