Beaver Christmas Shops At Maryland Dollar Store, Trashes Artificial Trees And Decorations

In what sounds like the opening to a bad joke, a beaver walked into a Dollar General store in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, and was apprehended after she started trashing the place after only finding artificial Christmas trees. The beaver seemed to be drawn to the Christmas decor, or perhaps it was all of the depictions of trees, but either way, it then became a matter for the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s office.

No, it’s not like Groundhog Day, when the brown furry creature looks for his reflection, but perhaps the beaver in a Dollar General is a sign that the holidays are in full swing. People got rolling on the shopping on Black Friday, and Netflix is rolling out the holiday films, says the Inquisitr. But while most are happy when filled with the holiday spirit, the beaver just seemed to be in a mood while shopping.


The Washington Post referred to the beaver as badly behaved, but just how is a beaver supposed to behave in a Dollar General on Maryland’s Eastern Shore? According to authorities, after having a meltdown, the beaver tried to leave the store.

“The ‘suspect’ attempted to flee the area, but it was apprehended by animal control and released to an animal rehabilitator — hopefully not just to be released into the wild, but to be taught basic shopping etiquette.”

Sources say that the beaver was safely detained and released into the custody of wildlife rehabilitation.


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People Magazine guessed that the beaver was trying to get a jump on her holiday shopping, and she needed a real tree for her dam, and was ticked off when she only found artificial trees (it was Dollar General, and it was only a dollar). The Charlotte Hall beaver was said to have wandered through the automatic doors and made her way through the aisles until he came upon the Christmas display.


The Dollar General was able to get some good mug shots of the beaver while she was shopping, before her outing was spoiled by the St. Mary’s sheriff. People Magazine says the beaver is going to be in real trouble when she returns to the dam empty-handed, pawed, or whatever. No tree, no gift wrap, and no off-brand Christmas cookies.

But with their tongue planted firmly in their (furry) cheek, WTVR says that the beaver didn’t give a dam and trashed the Dollar General Christmas display anyway. The photos indicate that the beaver grew frustrated with the artificial tree packaging and started ripping up the cardboard. After that, the beaver was pawing at the holiday placemat display, throwing things onto the floor, including the cups and other paper goods as well as festive hats and Christmas crackers.


The St. Mary’s sheriff’s office tweeted a photo of the beaver pawing her way through the decorative offerings and said that Cpl. Yingling charged the suspect with destruction of property (joking, of course).

“Cpl. Yingling had a unique call for service when the suspect, pictured, was witnessed causing prop. Destruction at a store in Charlotte Hall.”

The Olympian claims that when the beaver entered the Dollar General, she was a cool customer, just browsing the aisles. Tony Malaspina of the local animal control office says that the beaver was taken into custody without much fuss.

“The deputy got there, and [with store employees’ help], blocked it into the aisle way until the [animal] warden got there. It wasn’t aggressive. It was kind of friendly. It walked up to the warden, [who] put the catch pole on it and removed it from the store.”

The shopping beaver was one of the bigger news stories in Charlotte Hall in quite a while.

Do you think that the beaver was just peeved that the trees were artificial at the Dollar General?

[Featured Image by Allison Shelley/Getty Images]