‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Jesus Actor Talks About Character’s Journey

One of the more interesting but underused characters on The Walking Dead is Jesus. In The Walking Dead comics, Jesus is one of the better characters leading into the war with Negan and one of Rick’s greatest allies. However, on the AMC TV show, his awesome abilities have only been used sparingly.

That changed last week when Jesus jumped aboard the back of a Saviors truck to head back to Negan’s camp with Carl. Jesus wanted to do some reconnaissance work for Rick’s group while Carl wanted to kill Negan for the murders of both Glenn and Abraham. The Talking Dead showed a clip from next week’s shot and ruined part of that story, so actor Tom Payne told Entertainment Weekly a little about upcoming events on The Walking Dead for Jesus.

It looked like Jesus and Carl were teaming up to get Negan. However, in The Talking Dead sneak peek at next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Jesus jumped out of the truck without Carl, showing they were splitting up.

“There was a sneak preview on Talking Dead the other night where you see him jumping out of the back of the truck, so I guess you can figure out that him and Carl don’t arrive at the same time at the Sanctuary… So that will play out in the coming weeks, and the different ways that Jesus and Carl approach the Sanctuary is going to play out.”


Fans of The Walking Dead comics know how important Carl is to the Negan storyline. In the comics, the two develop a very interesting relationship where Negan sees Carl becoming a stone cold killer while Carl starts to learn more about Negan and what he believes in as well. It is one of the most interesting relationships in the comics.

However, there are some chilling consequences if Carl shows up to Negan’s camp without Jesus and is caught by the Savior’s leader. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chandler Riggs’ contract with The Walking Dead expired and his dad made hints on social media that his son was now experiencing “freedom.”


If Carl dies on the show, freeing up Chandler Riggs to attend Auburn, this split-up could lead to that death. It could also really position Daryl as the person who takes Carl’s place in the storyline. The Walking Dead has never shied away from changing things, such as having Rick and Michonne as a couple instead of Andrea, who lived in the comics and died on the show.

As for Jesus, it looks like he will finally start to get more screen time on The Walking Dead, something many comic book fans were hoping would happen. That also brings up more questions about Jesus on the TV show.


One of the big questions concerned whether Jesus will come out as gay on The Walking Dead TV show, as he did in the comics. Payne said that Jesus is gay in the comics, so he sees no reason why he can’t also be gay on the TV show. He then talked to TMZ when websites jumped on that quote as fact about the TV show.

“Yeah, he’s… a possibility. I just checked my messages this morning and everyone’s like, ‘Tom Payne Confirms…’ but I didn’t confirm. I just said in the comic books he is, and there is no reason why he wouldn’t be in the show.”

[Featured Image by AMC]