Adam Carolla Joins Forces With Fox News As Weekly ‘O’Reilly Factor’ Contributor

Adam Carolla has joined up with the Fox News Channel as a weekly contributor on The O’Reilly Factor, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The comedian will now lend his views and opinions to the show on a regular basis.

Carolla has appeared on the television news channel a few times over the years, though never in an official capacity. The new deal essentially gives the comedian a steady gig on the network, which intends to have him appear on several of its other programs, as well.

Like comedian Dennis Miller, who also shows up to comment on the various issues and subjects on The O’Reilly Factor, Adam Carolla will deliver his unique brand of commentary every Monday. However, it’s being reported that Miller will continue to appear on the show every Wednesday.

According to TV Guide, Carolla’s political beliefs have been described as both conservative and libertarian, though he does support some liberal issues. The comedian is expected to make his first appearance on the show this Monday.

Adam Carolla is certainly no stranger to the ways of television. In the 90s, the popular radio call-in show Loveline made the jump to MTV, which brought co-hosts Dr. Drew Pinksy and Carolla into the mainstream. The comedian has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice. In fact, Carolla is currently filming All-Star Celebrity Apprentice with Gary Busey and Brett Michaels, among many others.

Carolla’s accomplishments don’t end with his forays into the world of television. The Guinness Book of World Records lists The Adam Carolla Show as the most downloaded podcast on the planet.

Not too long ago, the comedian embarked on a national tour with conservative talk-radio host Dennis Prager. During their live shows, the duo would discuss a wide range of topics.

What do you think about Adam Carolla’s new deal with Fox News?