Trevor Noah Has Good Ratings Week As He Continues To Bash Donald Trump

When averaging ratings on Showbuzz Daily for Monday through Thursday of this week, Trevor Noah pulled in an average of 830,00 viewers a night. While the numbers aren’t spectacular, they show that Noah is gaining some ground and is at least not at risk of being replaced anytime soon.

Mr. Noah has earned a lot of praise this week from his interview with Tomi Lauren, the host of the right wing network TheBlaze. The Atlantic especially liked the interview and claimed Noah had found his voice.

Critics who bashed Trevor Noah one year ago are now singing his praises. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

“Noah’s 26-minute conversation with Lahren, though, posted in its entirety online, set the kind of tone that Stewart frequently called for throughout his tenure. The segment never turned into a screaming match, but it also avoided platitudes and small-talk.”

The article added that Lahren was unapologetic about her online bombast and made her way into arguments that drew gasps and boos from Noah’s audience, but the host remained even-handed and professional throughout.

Noah was endlessly praised on Twitter for his interview.


Despite the heated interview, TMZ has reported seeing both Noah and Lauren having drinks on Thursday nights.

“We spotted Tomi and Trevor having a very peaceful conversation in The Bowery Hotel lobby — the total opposite of the battle they had on his show. Afterward, TheBlaze host told us she and Trevor still don’t see eye-to-eye, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends.”

There are some pretty unfavorable comments about Trevor Noah after the article.

“Trevor Noah is an absolute moron. Not a single thing he said had any truth, or common sense. I would absolutely desecrate that moron in a debate. Do you want to bring up the fact that some KKK was happy Trump was elected? How about the fact that MORE THAN ONE MUSLIM TERRORIST including Orlando jihadist Omar Mateen openly supported Hillary!” claims SuperiorToLibs.

“Everything he said was a lie, or a stretch of the truth. He is an idiot, and she did a poor job of destroying him,” claims Cairbu.

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post says Trevor Noah proves that Donald Trump has the mind of a toddler.

Trevor Noah compares Donald Trump to a toddler. [Image by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]

“How does Donald Trump get away with saying outlandish things that aren’t true, such as claiming millions of people illegally voted on Election Day? Trevor Noah has a theory: The president-elect has the mind of a toddler.”

“It makes sense. He loves the same things toddlers do. They love building things, they love attention [and they’re] always grabbing things they’re not supposed to. Once the media understands Trump’s toddler mind, fact-checking his untrue statements will become easier,” the article quotes Trevor saying.”

The Huffington Post also praised The Daily Show host for declaring that the Dakota Access Pipeline is NSFW (not safe for whites). Noah summarized how the oil company building the pipeline originally intended to have it cross under the Missouri River near Bismarck, a town that is 90 percent white. However, the route was changed to go under the river at Standing Rock after Bismarck residents complained about the dangers of an oil spill.

“That’s right. This pipeline is NSFW ― not safe for whites,” the article quotes Noah summarizing. He received a lot of cheers — something he is starting to receive more and more these days. Just one year ago, many were wondering how long it will take till Noah was booted from The Daily Show. Judging from recent ratings, Trevor Noah is here to stay — at least for the next year or so.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]