NYPD Officer Chases Down And Kills Criminal After Getting Shot In Chest

NYPD Officer Ivan Marcano is not the type of guy you want to mess with. After being shot in the chest, Marcano continued to chase down two criminals, killing one of the men who attacked him.

Marcano was sitting in the passenger seat of his girlfriend’s vehicle when they saw two men robbing a third man. Marcano exited the vehicle and pulled out his gun and shield, identifying himself as a police officer.

According to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly:

“As soon as he did [identify himself], one of the suspects fired, striking Officer Marcano in the chest.”

After chasing after one of the robbers, Marcano got back into his girlfriend’s vehicle and she proceed to take him for medical treatment.

As the couple headed towards the hospital, they were held up in traffic by a white Mustang. As it turns out, that vehicle belonged to the robbers. After Marcano’s girlfriend honked her horn, the Mustang lurched forward and ran into a cab and then a parked car before coming to a stop on the sidewalk.

As the men exited the vehicle, Marcano, bullet still in his chest, exited his girlfriend’s vehicle and, while holding his wound in his left hand, took one shot at the approaching men, killing one of the criminals.

As their friend lay dead on the group, the rest of the men ran off in different directions.

A gun was recovered at the scene of the shooting, and a $10,000 reward has been offered for any information leading to the arrest of the remaining suspects.

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