Mustang Ranch To Become “Ritz-Carlton” of Whorehouses

Lance Gillman, owner of the famed Mustang Ranch wants to open a whorehouse near Reno that is truly on a higher plane than any before it. He wants his to be the whorehouse that has showsfeaturing a cabaret with live entertainment, a fully equipped spa, and 10 deluxe suites.

Gillerman told the Huffington Post,

“We see this as the Ritz-Carlton of brothels”

Built on the same grounds that the original Mustang Ranch once stood, the new and improved version is planning to make at least 40% of its revenue form goods and services that are not prostitution.

Staying at the new resort doesn’t cost you anything. The place where the money comes in is that you have to pay one of the girls to escort you around the premises at all times regardless if you are there alone or with a date.

Gilman says his inspiration is the famous story of Walt Disney going to a run down carnival and turning it into one of the world’s first theme parks, Disneyland.

Gilman said,

“Most brothels are basically trailer parks in isolated places and there’s nothing to do once you get there other than have sex.

The idea of a brothel that is more like a luxury hotel than a trailer park appeals to porn star Amber Peach, who’s worked in legal houses of ill repute.

Peach told the Huffington Post,

“I’ve never understood why brothels aren’t more like regular hotels. You can’t stay overnight in most of them. Honestly, people aren’t just going to a brothel looking for sex.”

Whorehouses are legal in most counties of Nevada, just not in Las Vegas. They tend to contribute to the local economy in areas where there is very little other business.

Bum Hess, a commissioner for Storey County, which houses the Mustang Ranch said,

“Our tax base is $11 million a year, and we believe the Mustang Ranch will contribute about $300,000 to that. It is the classiest brothel in the U.S. — if not the world — and people are coming to Storey County just to see it.”

Would you go to the Mustang Ranch for a luxury date?