Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Were Reportedly Texting Throughout The VS Fashion Show

Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik, may not have been present during her recent appearance at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but the couple allegedly kept in touch, via text message, throughout the entire show.

According to a new report, the former One Direction singer, 23, showed his support for the 21-year-old model during the show by reportedly sending her tons of “sweet and romantic” messages, as well as photographs of himself.

“Throughout the entire taping of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, [Gigi Hadid] and Zayn were texting and sending each other photos of themselves. The time difference didn’t stop Zayn from totally spoiling Gigi with tons of sweet and romantic messages,” an insider explained to Hollywood Life on December 1.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been dating on and off since last fall.

Zayn Malik supported Gigi Hadid during VS Fashion Show
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As Hollywood Life explained, Gigi Hadid was caught gazing at her cell phone screensaver, which was a photograph of Zayn Malik, before taking to the runway in her second show for the brand. As fans will recall, Gigi Hadid was cast in the 2015 installment of the show and reclaimed her role for 2016 along with her younger sister, Bella Hadid, 20, who made her debut with Victoria’s Secret this week.

“[Zayn Malik] knew this was a really important show for [Gigi Hadid] and wanted to make sure that she felt completely supported,” their source said. “Zayn can be very creative, and he absolutely loves the fact that Gigi has her Angel wings, considering he always refers to her as his angel.”

Prior to the show, another Hollywood Life report claimed Zayn Malik was showering Gigi Hadid with gifts and love notes prior to the event and even revealed the singer had reportedly hid love letters in the model’s suitcase before she left The States and headed to Paris, France, where the event was filmed.

“Zayn likes to hide things in [Gigi Hadid]’s suitcase before she goes on trips. After she packs, he will secretly leave sweet love notes in her suitcase,” a source revealed. “Last time, he put in a cute little stuffed animal with his cologne sprayed on it. He’s always really romantic that way.”

While Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are reportedly going strong at the moment, they went through a rough patch earlier this year and allegedly split up in late spring. Weeks later, however, they were said to be back on and shortly thereafter, they were spotted together in New York City.

Gigi Hadid gets support from boyfriend during VS show
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Although the exact reason behind Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s split wasn’t mentioned, People Magazine revealed Hadid had allegedly caught Malik in numerous lies before she decided to break up with the singer. However, after Malik continuously apologized for his rumored wrongdoings, she reportedly took him back.

“They have been working on their communication and being honest with each other and so far things are great. They were fighting all the time and Gigi caught Zayn in a handful of lies and couldn’t take the mystery anymore, so she dumped him,” a Hadid source told the magazine in mid-June after confirming the couple was back on.

As the magazine’s source explained, Zayn Malik incessantly apologized to Gigi Hadid and asked for another chance and ultimately, she gave him just that.

“[Gigi Hadid] gave it to him, and now he’s determined to prove himself to her,” the source said. “Everything’s good at the moment, but things could change overnight. Zayn is really going to need to continue to prove himself to her. Otherwise, she may not stick around.”

To see more of Gigi Hadid and her fellow models, be sure to tune into the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which airs on CBS on December 5.

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