Kanye West’s Recovery: Kris Jenner Is Not Telling Kim Kardashian To Leave Husband [Debunked]

In the wake of his breakdown, Kanye West has left the hospital and returned home, where he’ll begin the recovery from his harrowing ordeal.

But will West be facing his demons on his own? According to one report, Kanye’s mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, is encouraging her daughter to leave West. Other reports call the claim that Kim Kardashian could leave Kanye completely false.

In an article published Thursday, Radar Online claims that Jenner is begging Kim to dump “nightmare Kanye West.” According to the report, Kris began telling Kardashian to move on from Kanye way before his mental breakdown due to his “out-of-control spending.”

“Kris has told Kim to abandon that sinking ship named Kanye due to his careless financial habits and embarrassing antics. Kris says Kanye is on a bad path right now and she fears that since he has no money smarts he’s going to bankrupt Kim.”

Earlier this year, Kanye went on one of his famous Twitter rants, claiming that he was $53 million in debt. Around the same time, West reached out to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and asked him for a loan.

The unnamed source for Radar Online went on to report that Jenner has called Kanye a “very expensive nightmare.” Shortly before he was admitted to the hospital on November 21, West announced that the remaining stops on his Saint Pablo Tour had been canceled. More than 20 shows remained on the tour.

But according to a report from Gossip Cop, all of the rumors surrounding Kris Jenner’s feelings toward Kanye West are false. The celebrity myth-busting website calls the rumor “entirely false.”

“The Kardashian family matriarch isn’t insisting her daughter dumps her husband, and the claim otherwise is simply untrue.”

West was taken to the hospital on November 21, where he was placed on a 5150 hold pending a psychiatric evaluation. At the time of his hospitalization, reports indicated that Yeezy was suffering from sleep deprivation and dehydration, but as time went on, rumors began to emerge that Kanye was dealing with paranoia and hallucinations. West spent more than a week at the UCLA Medical Center before he was released on Wednesday.

The claim from Radar Online isn’t the first rumor questioning the relationship between Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s mother. In fact, shortly after he was admitted to the hospital, rumors abound that a disagreement with Kris could have impacted Kanye’s precarious mental state.

According to the rumors, Kanye was “unsettled” after Kim K was robbed at gunpoint in Paris back in October — so much so that he wanted her to stop filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians. As the rumor goes, Kris Jenner was having none of that, and Kim ultimately signed a contract to keep on with the show. According to the rumors, that didn’t sit so well with West.

According to a report from ET Online, everyone was unsettled by Kardashian’s robbery — for example, Kardashian has taken a hiatus from social media in the nearly two months since — but no one was disturbed more so than Kardashian’s 39-year-old husband. That contributed to West’s rumored paranoia, sources reported.

What do you think of the reports that Kris Jenner is encouraging Kim Kardashian to dump Kanye West? Do you think there is any truth to the rumors, or do you think they’re completely false? Do you think Kanye West has become a hazard to Kim Kardashian’s future and career? Why or why not?

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