Former LSU Star Tyrann Mathieu Arrested On Drug Charges

Former LSU football player Tyrann Mathieu was arrested with three other players on Thursday for drug-related charges.

Tyrann Mathieu aka “The Honey Badger” was arrested along with former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, former safety Karnell Hatcher and former defensive back Derrick Bryant. Mathieu, Hatcher and Jefferson have been arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana; Bryant was arrested for possession with intent to distribute.

A one-time Heisman Trophy finalist, Mathieu has had a tumultuous year. This past August he was dropped from the LSU roster after testing positive for drugs. He subsequently entered rehab.

According to the police report obtained by The Associated Press, police were called to Mathieu’s apartment after residents reported a suspicious man had forcefully entered the building. ESPN confirmed the identity of the man in question was Jordan Jefferson, who then made his way to Mathieu’s apartment.

According to the Baton Rouge police department’s report, when police arrived at the apartment to question him they “immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana” when Mathieu opened the door. He then gave police consent to search the premises, at which time they discovered “a marijuana grinder, a digital scale and 10 bags of high-grade marijuana, including seven in Bryant’s backpack.”

Jordan Jefferson was the starting quarterback last season. Tyrann Mathieu was the recipient of the 2011 Bednarik Award for national defensive player of the year. After making the discovery police have arrested and charged Tyrann Mathieu, Jordan Jefferson and Karnell Hatcher for possession and have arrested and charged Derrick Bryant for possession with intent to distribute.