Kanye West 911 Call: ‘He’ll Need To Be Hospitalized’

When Dr. Michael Farzam made a 911 call about Kanye West on November 21, he knew Kanye had to go to the hospital. West’s friends and family knew something was wrong with the Saint Pablo rapper, but no one understood how bad things were. Now, TMZ has gone through the Kanye West 911 call recording, and it shows just how scary the situation was.

“Don’t let him get any weapons or anything like that.”

According to the L.A. Times, insiders involved with Kanye’s hospitalization said that the 911 call came after “some kind of disturbance involving West and someone else in the house.”


There were reports that there was even a “physical altercation” between West and an unnamed person. The call came from West’s personal trainer’s house, but there’s still “no details” on whether the trainer himself was part of the disturbance.

The 911 call tape has a lot of parts missing, since officials had to remove anything that would compromise Kanye’s privacy. They had to “prevent the disclosure of confidential health information,” and the result is that there are “only a few snippets of dialogue” in the five-minute tape that can be understood properly.

It’s still pretty clear from the that “Kanye was in dire straits” and the people who were there knew West needed to go to hospital.


Near the beginning of the 911 call, the caller explains that he is one of West’s doctor’s, and asks for medical help as well as police. “I think, he’s definitely going to need to be hospitalized. I wouldn’t just do the police by itself.”

A few moments later, the dispatcher can be heard asking. “What is the medical condition he’s having sir?”

After some redacted discussion between the dispatcher and Kanye’s physician, it appears that there must have been some kind of question about what weapons West has access to at the time.


The query isn’t audible on the tape, but the physician said, “No other weapons.” That sounds like Kanye may have had a weapon with him, which would have made the whole thing even scarier for the people there.

At the end of the call, the operator told the doctor to “keep an eye on him,” and then added the scary warning about keeping weapons away from Kanye, and told the doctor to call back if West became violent.

“If anything changes, if he does become physically combative between now and when police and/or paramedics get there, call us back immediately at 911.”


TMZ reports that West is not still in hospital where his wife, Kim Kardashian, has been at his side for more than a week. Kardashian dropped everything to be with West and help him through the breakdown as best she could.

Kanye was released from the UCLA Medical Centre hospital on November 30, more than a week after the 911 call. Kanye went home “under the care of Kim, and his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam.”


Before the 911 call that ended with Kanye in the hospital receiving treatment for a nervous breakdown, the rapper went on series of rants. He had a lot to say online and during his Saint Pablo concerts, and appeared to be worried about what his long time friends like Jay Z and Beyonce might do to him.

“I’ll give y’all the truth. Jay Z, call me, you still ain’t called me … Jay Z, I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.”

Kanye also made a point of speaking his mind about racism and praising President-elect Trump during his San Jose concert. West has indicated that he’s seriously considering making a presidential run himself in 2020, and if that’s the case, his fans have got to be hoping that he recovers from this breakdown.

Now that he’s released from the hospital, Kanye West is going to need “ongoing psychological and medical treatment” in order to be healthy and able to cope again. Let’s hope he gets what he needs.

[Featured Image by Bryan BedderGetty Images for Harper’s Bazaar]