Jacqueline Laurita And Siggy Flicker: Friendship Back On At Kim D’s Fashion Show

Jacqueline Laurita ended this previous season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey by walking away from her co-stars. Jacqueline didn’t want to talk to Teresa Giudice or Melissa Gorga about their friendships because she felt that they were ganging up on her when they were together. But by walking out of the lunch set up by Siggy Flicker, Laurita also caused a rift between herself and her long-time friend, Siggy Flicker. After a few months of not speaking to one another, Flicker decided to call Laurita and discuss their issues.

According to a new tweet, Jacqueline Laurita is now revealing that the long phone call fixed whatever issues they had in their friendship. Maybe Jacqueline just wanted to see some effort from her friend, who felt that it was time to make peace and work things out. On Thanksgiving, Siggy picked up the phone and called Laurita in hopes of working through their issues. And within a few days, the ladies attended Kim D’s fashion show together, which is usually the time when the ladies fight and argue.

“Jacqueline Laurita and Siggy Flicker reunite at Kim D’s fashion show after ‘big misunderstanding’,” read a tweet that Laurita shared on Twitter this week, revealing that she and Siggy Flicker had made peace since the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The two ladies hung out at the Brownstone in Paterson this past Tuesday night to support Kim D at her fashion show. One can imagine that Melissa and Teresa were not in attendance, especially since Teresa feels that Kim D has been behind much of the drama that has resulted in some broken friendships. But Jacqueline Laurita is very excited to be speaking and hanging out with Siggy once again.

“We just hadn’t talked and she assumed we were fighting, and we weren’t fighting,” Jacqueline Laurita said about the situation, according to OMJ, sharing that they weren’t necessarily fighting about something specific. “We came off the reunion and I was just going about my life. I was just busy, and she hadn’t called me, and I kinda got offended that she hadn’t called to check up on me, but then I hadn’t called to check up on her either.”

Flicker was also confused, especially since they had hugged things out at the reunion special. She felt that they were indeed friends, so she was confused that they hadn’t spoken. Of course, neither of them had picked up the phone to call one another, which makes the whole situation worse.

“I didn’t really understand what was going on. It was just big misunderstanding. After you’re done doing something like this, you’re exhausted and mentally drained,” Siggy Flicker said about the situation, according to OMJ. “You know when you feel like somebody is mad at you and you’re like ‘what did I do wrong’ and you talk yourself into getting upset.”

“I went to three funerals last week, and after that I said life is too short and I want to call up Jacqueline and I just want to clear the air,” Siggy added.

Jacqueline Laurita could not be happier, saying, “That showed me that she cared about the friendship because she reached out and was very sweet. There isn’t really a reason for me to be mad. It was just a misunderstanding. I was happy she called.”

What do you think of Jacqueline Laurita’s tweet about herself and Siggy making up? Do you think she would do the same for Melissa and Teresa if they called her and asked her for forgiveness?

[Featured Image by Bill McCay/Getty Images]