Oldest Facebook User Challenged By Older Facebook User

Earlier this year, 101-year-old Florence Detlor was crowned Facebook’s oldest user. It was pretty official too. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg flew Detlor out to the company’s headquarters and Palo Alto and gave her a tour. Well, it looks like Detlor may have been prematurely honored.

The title of oldest Facebook user may actually belong to Maria “Mary” Colunia Segura-Metzgar, who just turned 105.

According to ABC, Segura-Metzgar was passed up by Zuckerberg when he was looking for the social network’s oldest user because the 105-year-old woman lied about her age when she signed up. Segura-Metzgar’s son, Anthony, said that Facebook wouldn’t allow Segura to sign up with her real birthday. Anthony decided to smudge the numbers a bit and registered his mother as 101-years-old.

Anthony said:

“I tried to sign her up on Facebook a few months ago but it wouldn’t accept her birth date … Then I tried again and just put in 101 and it accepted it for the timeline, even though she was 104. Now on Facebook it says she’s 102 when, in reality, she’s 105.”

Anthony said that he has tried to contact Facebook so that his mother can claim the title of the oldest Facebook user but so far he hasn’t been able to contact anyone. But even without the title, Anthony is glad that his mother is on the social networking site.

Anthony said:

“We want to let everybody know in the family that she’s still alive and kicking… She’s still very sharp and likes to tell stories of her life and we wanted to be able to record her life as a legacy … We’re a very large family and there’s a lot of stories that a lot of the family doesn’t know and we wanted to be able to capture those. Since ‘Timeline’ came out we thought it was a good idea to put those [stories] on Facebook to have a timeline of her life.”

You can view Maria “Mary” Colunia Segura-Metzgar’s Facebook page here.

Do you think she should be crowned the oldest user on Facebook?