Bradley Cooper To Become A Dad, But Will He Marry Victoria's Secret Model Irina Shayk?

It seems the romance between Bradley Cooper and Victoria's Secret model Irina Shayk is going well with the pair expecting a baby, as sources reveal that 30-year-old Shayk is pregnant. While fans of Cooper and Irina look back on the couple's intertwined past, the two celebrities look forward to their new addition and the possibility of starting a family together, leaving many to wonder what this means for Bradley and Irina as a couple. Will they remain as they are, or will Bradley make an honest woman out of Ms. Shayk?

Irina Shayk Is Expecting And Showing At This Year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

While E! News states that the reps for neither Irina Shayk or Bradley Cooper have yet commented on the rumors, sources have confirmed that the couple is expecting their first baby. In fact, those close to Ms. Shayk say the Victoria's Secret model, who is said to be in her second trimester, is very excited about becoming a first-time mother.

While neither Cooper or Shayk are speaking publicly about the pregnancy as of yet, Irina certainly couldn't keep her body from giving away the big secret. Shayk made her runway debut for Victoria's Secret at their Paris show, modeling sexy lingerie ranging from bust enhancing bras to see through panties, but it was her slightly round belly that drew the most attention. Even when covered in a trench coat, red fringe robe, and a silk dressing robe, Irina couldn't keep her growing midriff hidden from view.

Bradley Cooper and Ms. Shayk have been romantically linked since May of last year and many sources close to the couple suggest this may be it for them. While Cooper and Irina are equally private about their personal lives, it has been no secret that the pair has become very much in love with one another.

"[Bradley and Irina] just work really well together and want to spend every minute they have free together," said one source.

"Both families love seeing them so happy."

Is Marriage In The Cards For Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk?

Bradley and Irina don't share much on social media and that's not surprising, considering how much they do enjoy their privacy where they can get it, but E! News learned that no news is good news, where this couple is concerned. The time Cooper and Shayk save by not getting caught up in social media is better spent making each other happy and, as one source revealed, planning for their future.

"They are in an extremely happy place between the two of them," the source told E! News, earlier this month. "They have discussed marriage and kids."

While the results of that marriage discussion haven't been divulged to the public, sources say Cooper and Shayk are definitely taking a more serious step with their relationship. One indication that Bradley and Irina may be on the fast track to the altar comes in their plans for the upcoming holidays.

"They plan on going on a tropical vacation for the holidays together with their families and close friends," the insider shared. "Irina and Bradley like to live a private life."

The indication is that fans will likely have a hard time learning any details about the holiday plans made by Bradley and Irina, until long after the fact. Much like Shayk's pregnancy, news about this couple's plans for the future will never be fully divulged to the media.

Cooper has been very supportive of Irina's modeling career, giving her the freedom to pursue whichever campaigns grab her interest, including this week's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gig.

Meanwhile, Cooper's own career has taken an impressive turn, landing him in the director's chair for the upcoming A Star is Born remake, starring Lady Gaga as his leading lady.

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