Ariel Winter Learns To Love Her Body

Ariel Winter has an incredible figure, but not everyone seems to realize this, according to Teen Vogue. The 18-year-old actress had serious issues with self-confidence because of her curves, but it was Sofia Vergara who helped Winter recognize that her body is beautiful.

Ariel Winter had a hard time dealing with being bullied for the way she looks. And that bullying made her feel very uncomfortable in her own skin. But fortunately for the actress, she knows a pretty amazing role model, who also happens to be an actress, who helped her recognize that her figure is beautiful. It was her Modern Family co-star Sofia Vergara who helped Ariel Winter gain confidence in her body.

Winter has had a long history with haters and online trolls. In her recent interview with New York Magazine, the actress opened up about her sudden body transformation at the age of 12-years-old.

“I remember being completely flat everywhere – I had no curves, and I was getting hate for that. But then, when I was 12, my body changed, and I had boobs and a butt and these new curves.”

Ariel Winter’s initial reaction was “I like this,” but the trolls on the internet ultimately shattered her self-confidence and distorted her perception of her own body. The actress admits it was “really hard” for her to read all those comments about her on the internet.

Ariel Winter says she has been called “fat,” “ugly,” and even a “sl*t,” and it totally destroyed her self-confidence. Winter then dedicated years of her life to slimming down.

“I would do these weird crash diets, and I wanted to change the way I dressed so people would like me on social media, and it never worked.”

Ariel Winter admits that no matter what she did with her appearance, people kept criticizing her, and she was always getting “negative backlash” on social media. But the actress revealed that she had recently stopped reading comments about her so she would feel better about her appearance.

But it was Sofia Vergara who helped Ariel Winter realize that she had nothing to feel bad about. Vergara has served for her as a role model and helped the 18-year-old actress like the way her curvy body looks.

Ariel Winter admits there is no point trying to appease online trolls because there is no way to make them happy. Haters and trolls will never go away, and Winter knows this first hand.

Ariel Winter says that it was “really depressing” for her getting all those hate comments and trying different diets to slim down. But the problem was, Winter admits, not in those comments from trolls, but in the way she perceived the whole thing.

“But when I started to accept it and move on, and realize the most important relationship I had was with myself, things really started to change for me.”

Ariel Winter recently proved that she is satisfied with the way she looks as she flaunted her curves on the beach, according to People. The actress took her few friends, including actor Levi Meaden, to spend some time on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Ariel Winter took to Snapchat and Instagram to share mesmerizing scenes of bikinis, waves, tropical drinks, and meals, and her fans undoubtedly felt nostalgic about the past summer. The actress seems to have had lots of fun on the beach, as she even posted a video of her twerking!

Caboooo it's lit????????????????

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Last year, Ariel Winter made headlines for undergoing breast reduction surgery, going from a size 32F cup to a 34D.

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