Rachael Madison Missing: Indiana Woman Who Escaped Allegedly ‘Violent’ Husband Disappears In Florida

Rachael Madison, a 44-year-old woman from Indiana who had escaped her allegedly abusive husband, has gone missing in Florida, reports now claim.

According to a report from Action News Jacksonville, Rachael Madison was last seen early Sunday afternoon,as she left a home on Rivocean Drive in Ormond-by-the-Sea, Florida. She had reportedly left the house between 1:30 and 2 p.m. to go jogging on the beach, but she has not been spotted since then.

Quotes from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office suggest that at the time Rachael Madison had gone missing, she was staying with family members near Ormond-by-the-Sea, after she had fled Indiana to escape her estranged husband, 58-year-old Jarvis Madison. A sheriff’s office report adds that Rachael had allegedly left Indiana for Florida “to avoid further violence” at the hands of Jarvis.

44-year-old Rachael Madison went missing on Sunday while jogging in Ormond Beach, Florida. [Image by crazystocker/Shutterstock]

A separate report from Click Orlando noted that Rachael’s aunt, Thelma Newsom, had placed a 911 call on Sunday after her niece did not return from her beach jog. She reportedly did not have any money on her, nor did she bring a cell phone or have any other contacts in Ormond-by-the-Sea.

Newsom also informed 911 dispatchers that Jarvis Madison had supposedly threatened his estranged wife with a series of phone calls. About a week ago, Newsom had gone to Indiana to pick up Rachael after Jarvis “took a shot” at her.

“I’m afraid he has abducted her. He shot at her.”

ABC affiliate WHAS11 noted that Rachael Madison’s move to Florida was an attempt for her to start a new life, and she had regularly gone jogging on the beach prior to her disappearance.

“It appeared this could be a new start for Rachael. Her aunt told detectives Rachael had been in good spirits since she had been staying with her and she was working on a resume in hopes of getting a job. She said Rachael ran along the beach daily, often for an hour or two at a time, but she would always return.”

Currently, Volusia County authorities believe that Rachael Madison left to be in the company of her husband, although they aren’t sure whether she had left with him of her own free will, if her life is in danger, or if she had gone missing due to another reason. The couple might be traveling in a silver-colored 2011 Honda Pilot with the Indiana tag, EN2348.

Jarvis Madison is also wanted by the state of Indiana on charges of criminal confinement, which is a crime that would require bail of $15,000 with full extradition.

Rachael and Jarvis Madison might be traveling in a 2011 Honda Pilot. [Image by U.S. NHTSA/Wikimedia Commons/Cropped and Resized/Public Domain]

“Jarvis Madison is believed to be armed with a 45-caliber handgun,” said the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in a report. “He is a transient who has been known to frequent 24-hour Walmarts, gas stations and state or local parks.”

The New York Daily News reported that Jarvis had allegedly been “calling (Rachael’s) relatives” and demanding they provide information on her whereabouts, going as far as threatening Newsom for “hiding” her from him.

As the New York Daily News added, Rachael Madison going missing came on the heels of the Sherri Papini case, where the 34-year-old California mother of two had mysteriously disappeared for 22 days. Papini was found safe on Thanksgiving Day, and the Inquisitr has provided coverage on the case, including allegations that she was abducted by two Hispanic females early in November, and later claims that the kidnapping case might have been a hoax all along.

At the time Rachael Madison went missing, she was wearing navy blue men’s basketball shorts, blue and black Skechers shoes, and a light-colored jacket. Those with information on her whereabouts can call Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida at 888-277-TIPS, or the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office at (386) 323-0151. Crime Stoppers also has an official website, where users can download an app to anonymously submit tips. If you see Rachel, do not approach her and call the police instead as her husband is believed to be armed.

[Featured Image by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office]

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