‘Ladies Of London’ Caroline Stanbury Explains Treatment Of Julie Montagu, Julie Vows To Fight Back

Season 3 of Ladies of London has just begun, and the drama between Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu has already heated up. On the season 3 premiere episode, Caroline and Julie were shown engaged in a tense argument as everyone else watched. Some viewers might believe that the exchange was really more of Caroline attacking Julie, and Julie defending herself. Why did Caroline go after Julie?

After the premiere episode aired on Tuesday night, Caroline, via an Instagram post, asked fans to read an interview that she did with People in which she talked about the premiere episode, including her drama with Julie. In the comments section, several people left comments criticizing Caroline for how she behaved on the premiere episode towards Julie. Caroline gave some responses on why she was so aggressive with Julie.

In response to one viewer who told her that she did seem rather heartless and cruel on the premiere episode, Caroline said that she’s not really like that. She defended herself by explaining that there was a lot that happened that led up to the exchange with Julie. Caroline also reminded her viewers that more would come out as the season progresses.

“emilytex01: @carolinestanbury you do seem rather heartless & cruel…but I still adore you and if I could go to lunch with any of the ‘Ladies’…it would be you!”

“carolinestanbury: @emilytex01???? I am not actually but there was a long run up to that and remember this is episode one x”

What exactly happened between Caroline and Julie between seasons 2 and 3? One viewer asked Caroline exactly that question, pleading with her for some answers so that she can defend her to other viewers. Caroline replied that Julie’s “passive aggressive,” a trait that viewers will see come out as the season progresses. More specifically, Caroline explained that every cast member told her that Julie was out to get her.

“carolinestanbury: @zaddy.jpeg with Julie? She’s passive aggressive you will see it all unfold but every girl took turns to tell me she was out for me not sure why? It’s like poking a bear constantly!”

In her People interview, Caroline basically said that Julie is just too sensitive.

“It’s [friction between her and Julie] only going to get worse. There’s not a lot of love lost between Julie and I. There are so many whispers and and so much jealousy, and Julie is someone who is slightly paranoid anyway and slightly sensitive. So she wants to know how things are said, every single little word that’s said about her and at the end of the day, some conversations are meant to be private for a reason. It doesn’t serve her in any way to know everything, and Julie has to know what’s going on with every single girl at all times or she feels left out and it really affects her.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during the airing of season 2, Caroline and Julie had some tension with one another after Julie declined to back Caroline up after she got into a heated Twitter argument with then-cast member Annabelle Neilson. Caroline later called Julie Anabelle’s puppet.

As Ladies of London season 3 episode 1 aired, Julie Montagu posted tweets that vowed that viewers would see her fight back against Caroline Stanbury and the others who join her in her attacks. In response to one viewer who applauded her for standing up for herself since the others ran over her last season, Julie said that she wouldn’t be run over again.

Julie agreed with one viewer who expressed bewilderment that Caroline would call her “dangerous” and said that she also found it confusing why everyone ganged up on her.

Julie actually received the support of new cast member Adela King, who was introduced on the premiere episode as Caroline’s friend. Adela tweeted her agreement that Julie is not dangerous, but she is the sweetest person that Adela knows. Perhaps, as the season progresses, viewers will see some tension between Caroline and Adela due to Adela’s friendship with Julie?

On Twitter, Julie also posted some tweets that seemed to take digs at Caroline. “Bingo,” she replied to one viewer who tweeted that money can’t buy you class and a title.

Julie also responded to criticism. In response to one viewer who tweeted that Julie was so over-the-top defensive, Julie said that she was just standing up for herself.

When one viewer tweeted that Julie trying to go against Caroline is comical since she’s not “built Ford tough” enough to go against the “bee,” Julie teased that viewers will actually see her go head-to-head with Caroline.

Julie added that she’s not holding back and has toughened up this season.

On the Ladies of London premiere episode, during a group gathering, Caroline’s sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, who is a starring cast member this season, confessed that she told Julie that Caroline described her as “dangerous.” Caroline said that what she actually tried to warn Sophie was that Julie is manipulative.

“What I mean by dangerous is that I don’t think you’re like dangerous as in like you’re going to do anything. What I mean is that you’re dangerous as in the loose lips thing that I joke about…I meant manipulative at that point.”

Julie responded that she thought that Caroline would be more supportive of her friendship with Sophie. At that point, co-star Juliet Angus chimed in to tell Julie that she “plows through friendships,” that she “preys on people with weaknesses,” and that she was a bad friend to her last year when she needed her.

During the argument, Caroline continued to accuse Julie of gossiping negatively about her with Sophie, her own sister-in-law. Caroline added that Julie unnecessarily brings other people into whatever drama they’re having.

“You picked the wrong audience! That’s my sister-in-law! No matter what happens between my brother and her, she’s my family. She is never going to turn on me…I don’t trust you…We have our problems, I don’t then go call every single person in this group and it just, it becomes like this whole thing.”

When Sophie apologized to Julie and said that she never meant to cause such drama, Caroline told her to “grow a pair of balls” and called her out for just telling her, the night prior, that she has been “bulldozed” by “this b**ch” [Julie].

Yet on Wednesday morning, Julie posted a tweet that shows that she and Sophie are still friends.

In her confessional interview regarding the argument, Julie Montagu called Juliet Angus Caroline Stanbury’s “service dog” and “b**ch.” Julie also said that she knew that Juliet and Caroline were trying to break her and make her cry. Julie acknowledged that Caroline did make her cry last season, but that wasn’t because she was too sensitive, but because Caroline was so mean to her.

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