Apple iPad Mini Falls Short On Display Pixels Compared To Competitors [Infographic]

The Apple iPad mini not only fails to provide a Retina Display, the devices 7.9-inch display has been rated below its competitors in terms of pixel output.

Priced at a premium of $329 and lacking GPS, the company’s newest offering is coming under fire for providing a lousy 1024×768 pixels of resolution. If that display output sounds familiar, it is likely because the iPad 2 offers the same pixelation standard.

In comparison, the Google Nexus 7 offers a 1,280 x 800 pixel display 7-inch display while the Barnes & Noble Nook HD is even more impressive at 1,440 x 900 pixels of resolution on a 7-inch display.

The team at TechNewsDaily has created a nice infographic that showcases how the iPad mini is unable to stack up to other devices of a similar size and Apple’s own full-sized tablet offerings.

It should be noted that pixel quality isn’t the only standard for judging a display; however, not providing the same pixel levels as lower-priced tablets is still not a smart move on behalf of Apple.

With the Microsoft Slate on the horizon and Google busily prepare the next Google Nexus tablet, Apple’s choice to skimp on pixel output couldn’t come at a worse time.

Despite less than stellar reviews for many of the iPad mini’s features, the tablet is still expected to ship millions of units before the end of 2012.

Will you be picking up the Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + data connection iPad mini?

Here’s the infographic comparison chart:

iPad Mini comparison chart - Pixels