April 13, 2017
April The Giraffe Animal Adventure Park Live Birth Update: Still Waiting? Expert Reveals Why Labor Is Delayed

April the giraffe has not given birth yet and people are starting to get impatient with the long wait. How long do the viewers have to wait before they see April's momentous birth live on camera? The celebrity giraffe would have popped out her baby by now, based on previous predictions by Animal Adventure Park staff, but apparently, the calf is still a no-show. So, what's with the delay?

Millions of viewers are tuning in to Animal Adventure Park's April the giraffe's live birth and many have questioned why the animal has not given birth just yet. Others start to speculate that April's live birth is just a hoax. Fortunately, giraffe expert Melissa McCartney from Sacramento Zoo has shared some details on giraffe pregnancies, confirming that the birth is a waiting game. She also describes it to be an "art" instead of "science."

McCartney recently talked to KCRA to explain why people continue to wait for April the giraffe's live birth to happen. According to McCartney, a giraffe's pregnancy can be compared to that of a human's, in which each pregnancy is unique.

"You can also expect that a first baby, a second baby, a third baby might look a lot different. A lot of first-time moms don't show as early, but a fifth-time mom may look a little bigger a lot faster."
McCartney, who has been working with the species for 15 years, added that experts only make an estimation when it comes to giraffe pregnancy. The animal's gestation period could range from 13 to 15 months. Just like humans, the expected due date could vary; one mom could go beyond her due date while another can give birth at an unexpectedly earlier date.

A giraffe is seen to be fed by hand
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Experts do not really know when a giraffe gets pregnant but according to McCartney, who has supervised 12 giraffe births, the animal is most probably pregnant when its mate no longer shows interest in the mom.

"So, it's not always 100 percent sure the exact time she got pregnant."
While there's an option to have an ultrasound to find out how far along an individual is with the pregnancy, McCartney said that the technique can be tricky for giraffes. A giraffe naturally has thick skin and it would be hard to spot a tiny developing calf in there.

An ultrasound may have helped confirm April the giraffe's pregnancy, but the technique, however, cannot be used to determine how far along she is with the pregnancy or the age of the unborn calf. With McCartney's explanation to April's delayed labor, it appears that viewers will just have to stick to Animal Adventure Park's live cam to make sure they will not miss the big event.

Meanwhile, as everyone is anticipating for April's birth live on camera, there are already five zoos that have welcomed giraffe calves. Aside from Memphis Zoo and Chester zoo, which were previously reported, giraffes from Denver Zoo, Toledo Zoo, and Houston Zoo have given birth this year.

People continue to wait for April the giraffe's birth live on camera
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April the giraffe may be the most talked about celebrity animal this year but there are others who gave birth to adorable baby giraffes. Denver Zoo didn't see it coming, but on Feb. 28, one of their reticulated giraffes popped out a baby, which was given the name Dobby.

Tyra, a Masai giraffe at Houston Zoo, is the latest giraffe to beat April's birth. She welcomed her calf on April 10. Another baby Masai giraffe was born on April 3 at Toledo Zoo, Kipenzi. The little stunner was born to Elli. Currently, Kipenzi and Elli are being kept away from the public so they can bond with each other. They will be sent out in summer for the public to see.

[Featured Image by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images]