Inside Blake Shelton's Bond With Gwen Stefani's Boys: Is He Trying To Replace Gavin Rossdale?

It can be very challenging walking into a relationship with a family, but Blake Shelton is already developing a strong bond with Gwen Stefani's three boys – Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Is he trying to replace Stefani's ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale?

According to E! News, Shelton's bond with the boys is growing stronger with each passing month. This past weekend, the country crooner convinced the boys to get fake matching tattoos, and Stefani was there to share the moment on social media. The photo was taken during a family trip to Shelton's ranch in Oklahoma, which has become a frequent destination for Stefani and her sons.

Shelton has readily become a constant in Stefani's life. Whether it's taking Apollo on a hike through the woods or giving Kingston a helicopter ride, he's always around to brighten their day. This is especially true during the holidays. Shelton spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with the No Doubt alum and even welcomed in the New Year with the family at his ranch.

Shelton's efforts have obviously paid off. Not only is his relationship with Stefani stronger than ever, but he's quickly becoming a father figure to her boys. In fact, Celebrity Insider reports that Stefani took the boys to Shelton's sprawling ranch for spring break, where they enjoyed a weekend of fishing, hunting, camping, and, of course, getting copies of Shelton's tattoo on their arms.

Speaking of Shelton's tattoo, the replicas actually turned out better than the original. Of course, according to People, Blake Shelton is well aware that his tattoos didn't turn out like he expected. The country star's ink is supposed to represent deer tracks but is often mistaken for insects.

"I can't blame it on the tattoo guy, because I had been drinking on this occasion," Shelton explained back in 2013. "I drew him this deer track and he just went to the copier and made a copy and slapped it on there, and that's what I drew."

While Shelton is clearly making headway with Stefani's boys, Rossdale is moving on with his life as well. SheKnows is reporting that the Bush frontman is dating someone new, but things aren't getting serious just yet.

"It's very early days but Gavin is really taken by Sophia [Thomalla]. They met on the touring scene and there's plenty of chemistry," an insider revealed. "They're having fun and the relationship has the potential to turn serious if that continues."

Stefani divorce Rossdale in the summer of 2015. The two were together for over two decades and share three boys. Stefani started dating Shelton months after the split while Rossdale has remained single until recently. In fact, Rossdale opened up about his dating life in March and admitted that he wasn't looking for a relationship.

"Any relationship is so much about a degree of compromise, so my boys ask me more than I think about it, when am I going to get a girlfriend?" he explained. "But I'm so busy that I just think, those things anyway, they just happen. It's the kind of thing that when you're not looking is when Cupid strikes."

Although Rossdale is moving on with his life, it sounds like he is still committed to raising his boys. Shelton's influence on the sons shouldn't change this, though he and Stefani are reportedly thinking about expanding the family in the near future.

Inside sources claim that the Voice stars are seriously considering having a baby together and want a daughter. The two have not commented on the rumors, though the 47-year-old will have to move fast if she wants to have another baby.

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