Josh Duggar News: Troubled Duggar Son Reunites With Family For Thanksgiving

Josh Duggar news comes just days after Thanksgiving. The troubled reality star reunited with his family — including his wife Anna and the couple’s children — for the holiday, as evidenced by the Duggar’s official Facebook page.

Although Josh Duggar’s presence wasn’t made clear, he was in one of the photos posted on Facebook. As many fans pointed out, Josh looked healthy from what could be seen of him.

This Josh Duggar news wasn’t highlighted by Michelle Duggar in her Thanksgiving post. She wrote about being a family and being thankful that her brood could be together for the holiday. She didn’t mention Josh by name or say anything about him in particular, keeping her post focused on the importance of family being together.

“Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. It’s a beautiful day spent with family, food we love and most of all it is a poignant reminder of the many blessings our lives enjoy, for which we should be thankful. This year for Thanksgiving, we spent a few days together with our family in a cabin in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We’ve laughed together, cooked together, sang together, told fun family stories, played with kids and bounced babies. It’s been a wonderful family time.”

“As I look around the room, I am so deeply touched by God’s love, His forgiveness, His kindness, His provision, His mercies and His tenderness toward each of us. God’s willingness to redeem us through Christ, in spite of all our failures and imperfections, is so humbling and fills my heart with tremendous gratitude.”

“Today, I am thankful for family, sweet friends and most of all God’s love. I pray that your day is full of family, fun and games, delicious food, long enjoyed traditions and a heart and home filled with God’s love.”

Josh Duggar news has been fairly sparse lately. He and his wife, Anna, have been trying to stay out of the spotlight since he got out of rehab back in March. Since his scandal rocked the Duggar family, Josh has managed to keep himself out of the public’s eye, even deleting his Instagram account in an apparent attempt to stay private.

Earlier this month, Josh Duggar attended his sister Jinger’s wedding. According to Entertainment Tonight, Josh and Anna were at the wedding with their children. It was the couple’s first appearance together in several months. Anna didn’t share any photos from the wedding on her Instagram account, however, clearly still trying to lay low.

Josh Duggar news hasn’t been reported by too many sites because there’s really not much to talk about. Josh Duggar made it quite impossible to dig stuff up on him after his sex scandals revealed his deepest, darkest truths.

Anna Duggar has been very respectful of Josh’s decision to stay away from the media — one can only imagine that she’s more than okay with this decision. The last photo that she published of Josh was on Father’s Day. However, the Duggar’s official Facebook page has posted pictures here and there, the most recent of Josh and Anna to wish them a happy wedding anniversary back in September.

“Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna. We are so thankful for God’s redemptive love in your lives,” read the caption.

Josh Duggar news these days is nothing to write home about. While rumors about Anna Duggar being pregnant again continue to circulate, Josh and Anna are committed to “rebuilding trust” and are doing so by focusing on each other and their family. Spending Thanksgiving together is a good sign that the Duggar’s have exercised forgiveness and that Josh is doing better.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Instagram]