Sebastian Bach Book Excerpt: Rocker Say He Gets Recognized For ‘Gilmore Girls’ As Much As Skid Row

Sebastian Bach’s book is coming out at a really good time. While the release date for the rocker’s long-awaited memoir, 18 and Life on Skid Row, has been pushed back several times, the tell-all finally drops next week. But, ironically, the delay could actually pay off for the former Skid Row frontman because Bach may now be able to capitalize on his recent appearance in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Sebastian Bach recently reprised his role as the Hep Alien guitarist, Gil, in the Netflix Gilmore Girls reboot, which premiered Nov. 25 on the streaming network. Now, less than two weeks later, Sebastian’s book will give the inside scoop on Gilmore Girls and everything else the rock star has done in his colorful career, including his starring stint on Broadway’s Jekyll and Hyde.

Sebastian took to Twitter to post a clip from the audiobook version of his upcoming memoir in which he revealed that he is constantly recognized for his role as the Hep Alien guitarist. In the book excerpt, Bach says he is recognized for different things by different areas of the public. Sebastian says that in rock ‘n roll bars and music stores, it’s all about Skid Row, but in shopping malls, museums, and the streets of Europe, his TV persona is called out.

“If it’s a little girl with her mom I will invariably hear the following words: ‘Oh My God, it’s that guy from Gilmore Girls!” Bach says in his book.

Sebastian Bach had a recurring four-year stint on the original incarnation of the series as Gil, the enthusiastic guitarist/singer in Lane Kim’s (Keiko Agena) fictional garage band, Hep Alien. Bach appeared in 13 episodes of the original show, as well as the “Winter” episode of the Netflix reboot.

In an earlier interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Bach explained that he gets recognized for different things in different parts of the world.

“If I go to the Rainbow, it’s Skid Row,” Sebastian said. “If I go to a mall, it’s Gilmore Girls. If I walk around in the country of Canada, there is one thing that they like about me and that’s The Trailer Park Boys. Everywhere I go! I just consider myself lucky that I can do different things.”

While he’s a rocker at heart, Sebastian told Pop Matters that Gilmore Girls helped to fund his music career when he didn’t have a record deal. The result was Sebastian’s 2007 solo album, Angel Down.

“Some reviewer said, ‘One almost forgets that he’s a rock singer,'” Bach recounted in 2008.

“But the thing is, the thing that the people don’t know… if there was no Gilmore Girls there would be no Angel Down. I did not have a record deal when Spitfire folded, and if I didn’t have the money to finish what I started, there would be no album…It’s just unbelievable that people have this image of, ‘Why didn’t you do a record instead of a TV show?’ I didn’t have a record deal. How ’bout that?”

Bach even said true fans of his music should “kiss the ground” for Gilmore Girls.

“If you like Angel Down, you should kiss the ground for Gilmore Girls, because there would be no Angel Down if there wasn’t a way for me to fund it after Spitfire Records folded in the middle of it,” Sebastian said. “So that’s the reality of rock.”

Sebastian Bach’s book, 18 and Life on Skid Row, is available Dec. 6 in bookstores or it can be ordered on the HarperCollins website.

Take a look at the video below to see Sebastian Bach on Gilmore Girls.

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