Farrah Abraham 2016 Drama: Star Slams Amber Portwood After ‘Teen Mom’ Ends

Farrah Abraham has threatened to leave Teen Mom several times, because she feels that some of the girls on the show are against her. Maci Bookout has been very vocal about not wanting to film the show with a porn star because her son is old enough now to be teased about his relation to Farrah. But MTV decided that the show wouldn’t be the same without Abraham on it and invited her back. And maybe the money was enough to keep Maci on board because all four of the girls have returned to the show repeatedly. But just because they are all on the same show doesn’t mean they get along.

According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now defending her behavior on last night’s Teen Mom reunion special. The reunion was filmed a few weeks ago, and it made headlines because Amber Portwood got into a heated argument with Farrah Abraham. Abraham said that Matt Baier was the prime example of what a pedophile looked like and Amber was furious. She stormed the stage and Abraham didn’t flinch. Instead, she felt that Amber was just jealous of her.

“Like, I’m not Farrah Abraham,” read a quote that Farrah Abraham shared on Twitter, where the quote was on a picture of Amber Portwood, and Farrah added her own two cents, writing, “She’s Sad that she’s not. I’ll pray for ya & everyone else like ya.”

Even though Farrah Abraham is convinced that Amber is jealous of her, many of her followers don’t agree with her. In fact, Farrah is convinced that everyone is jealous of her but her followers think that her comments are rude and unnecessary.

“You’re pathetic excuse for a human I pray you get help Farrah! You want the truth problem is you can’t handle it,” one person wrote, while others wrote, “she was right about everything she said about you. You treat people like garbage but get defensive when people dish it back,” “why would u do this. U r so rude do u see how terrible u treat people,” “You & Simon are both nasty people. Hopefully your daughter doesn’t turn out like you…yikes,” and “it was shown last night you couldn’t handle it from a man telling you the truth about your attitude.”

While the reunion special aired, Amber Portwood was on a plane. But she retweeted many messages of support from her fans, as many felt that Farrah’s comments were completely out of line. But it sounds like the Teen Mom fanbase has spoken and they are clearly not supporting Farrah Abraham. It will be interesting to see if Abraham decides to come back for the next season of Teen Mom. She did tell fans that she will see them all next time, which could indicate that she’s coming back next season, no matter what.

“I want to say I’ve been through depression and anxiety and such and you’re an inspiration to me never give up and never quit,” read one person who wrote to Amber Portwood in support, while others shared the same sentiment, writing, “you’ve been through hell and back, came out on top, and became a beautiful and strong role model for all women! much love xo,” and “When I heard Amber Portwood telling Dr.Drew to quit letting Farrah get away with what she does, FINALLY someone says it #TeenMomOG.”

What do you think of Farrah Abraham’s comments that Amber Portwood wants to be her and is jealous of her life? Do you think she has a point, since Amber had surgery to give herself a mommy make-over, which is similar to what Abraham has done in the past?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]