‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: Global Link Event Rewards Players With Festival Coins To Catch 100M Pokemon

A Pokemon Sun and Moon global link urges players to work together to catch 100 million Pokemon in just two weeks in exchange for awesome rewards.

Starting November 29, players of the game are urged to join in the quest to collect a total of 100,000,000 Pokemon until December 13 via a new feature called “Pokemon Global Link.”

The event calls on players of Pokemon Sun and Moon to team up and participate in a global mission that aims to gather millions of the elusive critters until the second week of December.

“Band together with your fellow Trainers in global missions, a new feature of the Pokemon Global Link. Global missions are limited-time events where everyone tries to meet a collective goal.”

According to the Pokemon Global Link’s official website, Pokemon Sunand Moon players will get 1,000 Festival Coins when the goal is achieved and a 100 Festival Coins if not.

“If the goal is met, everyone who participated gets a global mission reward! Don’t worry if the goal isn’t reached—there will still be a global mission participation prize for everyone who chipped in.”

This time, players of the popular character collecting game should catch as many Pokemon as they can in order to reach the goal and get higher rewards for their hard work.

The Global Link announcement also reminds Pokemon Sun and Moon players to sync their game with the Global Link in order to qualify for the prize.

“To be sure that your Pokemon bounty gets included in the final count, be sure to use Game Sync by December 13.”

To do so, players should proceed to the Festival Plaza by pressing “X” and choosing the “Festival Plaza” icon. From there, go to the castle and proceed to the PC located on the right-hand side of the monitor and choose “game sync.”

After doing so, create an account and speak with the girl next to the PC who will let players choose whether or not to participate in Global Missions. After accomplishing this, you can already proceed to “catching them all.”


Pokemon Sun and Moon start off with the introduction of Lillie and her Pokemon Cosmog named “Nebby” who live in a place called the Alola region composed of four islands which looks a bit like Hawaii.

In the introduction scene, we see Lillie running from people in white in what appears to be an artificial garden. The people in white corner her and then the scene cuts to a flash forward to the character introduction part of the game.

According to Forbes, the Pokemon Sunand Moonnarrative is the reason why the whole new world introduced in the game makes sense.

“The narrative is important to Sun and Moon because it stitches the whole game together and it is surprisingly well executed.”

Aside from “catching ’em all,” the Sun and Moon games have more features that make it feel fresh including battles, Pokemon development and evolution, as well as new characters.

The gameplay of the newly launched Pokemon games revolves around overcoming trials from the island’s “Kahuna” or captain. To those who were able to watch the first season of the original anime starring Ash Kechum and Pikachu, this sort of looks like where the main character beats gym captains in order to qualify for bigger competition.

What is more interesting about this version is that after completing each trial, players are rewarded with a Z-Crystal which can be used to activate Z-Moves. A Z-Move is a feature that increases a Pokemon’s attack power significantly.

While Z-Moves are new, it has become quite useful for those who have already tried playing the game, especially when the gamer knows other details about the particular Pokemon he wants to use the crystal on.

In terms of overall performance, the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon received a score of nine over 10 from Forbes that described them as “incredibly compelling and brilliantly paced” games.

[Featured Image by Junko Kimura/Getty Images]