Kim Kardashian Inspired Models Emerging Around The World, Drawing Comparison To The ‘KUWTK’ Star

Kim Kardashian inspires women around the world with her lavish lifestyle, high fashion, and unwavering beauty. But a few select women not only want to be like her, but they also aspire to look a lot like her, too.

These Kim Kardashian body doppelgangers share mostly two features in common: an above-average backside and a penchant for sharing selfies with a growing fanbase. With Kim Kardashian imposing a temporary blackout period from social media, these inspired models have stepped up their game to fill the void left by the social media queen.

The most aggressive of the models has been Anastasiya Kvitko. At only 22-years-old, Anastasiya Kvitko — who is known as the “Russian Kim Kardashian” — has already made her mark on social media by garnering more than 4.8 million followers on Instagram. Combined with Facebook and Twitter, the model has a total audience of more than 5.1 million followers.

While many individuals would be ecstatic with the comparisons, Anastasiya Kvitko aspires to be better than Kim Kardashian. The model — who moved to Los Angeles earlier this year — feels Kim Kardashian doesn’t quite live up to the standards that the Russian meets, according to a Daily Mail article.

“I like Kim Kardashian, but I don’t quite like being compared to her – she is far behind me. My body is sporty, my hip muscles are trained, my bottom is the most beautiful one, and I have not done any plastic surgeries on my face. And she — everyone knows what she did to her bottom.”

Despite the claims Anastasiya Kvitko makes about Kim Kardashian undergoing plastic surgery, the Russian model denies that she has any work done to her body to help create her 41-inch bottom. According to the Daily Mail article, a leading Russian plastic surgeon has disputed her claim that her body is completely natural.

The Russian model is far from the only woman to earn comparisons to Kim Kardashian, however. Cuba has their own version of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star in Kathy Ferreiro. Known as the “Cuban Kim Kardashian,” Kathy Ferreiro is well-followed on social media, garnering nearly five million followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. By far, Instagram is her most popular platform with 4.5 million followers on the social medium alone.

A photo posted by KATHY ♛ (@kathyzworld) on

At 22-years-old, Kathy Ferrerio has built an impressive library of selfies that would rival even a young Kim Kardashian. Most of her work is NSFW — especially her Facebook account photographs — mixed in with some promotional spots that no doubt earn the Miami resident an impressive cash flow.

Critics claim the vivacious curves Kathy Ferrerio possesses are not authentic, the New York Post previously reported. The “Cuban Kim Kardashian” denies the claims and is adamant her curves are 100 percent natural and untouched by photo-editing programs. If her claims are true, then Kathy Ferrerio may be able to give Kim Kardashian a run for money, public relation expert John Chant told the publication.

“She’s got the hottest bod in town and it’s all her own. She has just got an incredibly amazing figure that makes her a new challenger for rear of the year. All I can say is Kim Kardashian, look out!”

Other countries also have their own version of Kim Kardashian, too. The Chinese version of social media queen is Lin Shishi. According to the Daily Mail, Lin Shishi built her impressive body through three years of workouts and has more than 110,000 followers on a Chinese-based social media program.

Mexico also has its own version of Kim Kardashian, reportedly a much deadlier one to boot. The Daily Mail reported that the Claudia Ochoa Felixa, a 27-year-old Latino woman with a curvy figure, is rumored to be the head of an elite assassin squad within a Mexican cartel. The “Mexican Kim Kardashian” is often seen posing with a gun while showing off her killer curves, as evidenced by this post on Twitter.

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