Adam Lind And Stasia Huber: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Confirms He Is Still With Long-Time Girlfriend

Adam Lind is probably the most controversial dad on Teen Mom 2. Of the men present on the show, he is the wildest and most absent of the bunch. Lind is connected to Chelsea Houska, and their story was one that broke the hearts of fans when it aired. He wasn’t very nice to her when she was pregnant, and after she had Aubree, he played games with her for quite some time. While they both have moved on, with Houska getting married in October and Lind being engaged to long-time girlfriend, Stasia Huber, they still have to communicate because of their daughter.

Finally getting some time out of the house together

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Rumors have been circulating that Adam Lind split from Stasia Huber for several months. One of the rumored reasons involved his feelings for Chelsea Houska, while another reason centered around his history as a serial cheater. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Adam Lind is still very much engaged to Stasia Huber. In fact, they have been clowning around on social media since the holiday. From sharing photos of them with Lind’s daughters to talking about how they mock people who attempt to hit on them, the couple has been quite busy.


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Teen Mom 2 will begin airing again in January, and Adam Lind will appear once again. There was some talk for a while that he was going to leave the show, especially after the way he acted during the Season 7A reunion last spring. It was awkward, to say the least, and fans expected Lind to finish his contract and exit the show. Chelsea Houska has a storyline that is no longer dependent on him, so the show will go on with or without him. Aubree now has a stepfather who is ready and willing to help raise and spend time with her.

There is some decent money to be earned from being a part of the Teen Mom franchise as Adam Lind mentioned when he let the world know how much his “baby mama” Chelsea Houska was pulling in. He was discussing child support and paying her, commenting about how much money she brings in a year from the show alone. Lind seems extremely hostile about being on the show, yet he continues to appear on the series. Whether he is doing it for money or the notoriety is unclear, but he will be back for another season.

Never too old to blow bubbles with your baby girls ????❤

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In the past, Adam Lind has not shown his soon-to-be wife, Stasia Huber, on the show. His friends and his parents have appeared, but not his lady love. There have been questions about why, and it has been suggested that Huber wants to remain under the radar. If that is the case, she could be saving herself some heartache. Associating with the franchise has caused a lot of heartbreak in the relationships made after the stars had their children and began dating again. It will be interesting to see whether or not Huber will appear alongside Lind when he is filmed spending time with Aubree.

We travelled to many places in a week but our absolute favorite was Franklin TN -- so beautiful and peaceful.

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With everything that has happened in the past, seeing Adam Lind with a long-time girl is new for fans. Since his relationship with Stasia Huber is still going strong, fans are anticipating a wedding, possibly paid for by MTV, in the future. Chelsea Houska snubbed the network by not allowing hers to be filmed, and this is one thing Lind can do to one-up his ex-girlfriend. As the countdown to Season 7B gets underway, Adam Lind and Stasia Huber will likely be more present on social media in order to get publicity for the show and gain a following for any business ventures they are attempting.

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