Soldier In Afghanistan Allegedly Watched His Wife Have Oral Sex With Teen Girl Via Skype

A soldier in Afghanistan allegedly watched his wife and a 15-year-old girl have oral sex via a live chat feed on Skype. Shawn Raymo, 22, was serving as a military police officer when he allegedly viewed his wife engaging in a sex act with a minor. Both the Fort Drum soldier and his wife Jessica Raymo, 21, were arrested on endangering child welfare and using a child in a sexual performance charges earlier week.

Police officers in Upstate New York report that the erotic scene was broadcast from the soldier’s home, according to the Daily Mail. The alleged sex crime is thought to have occurred in July of last year while the soldier was stationed in Afghanistan. Raymo returned home last fall, but the allegations only recently surfaced.

It is not currently clear what the couple’s connection is to the 15-year-old girl, according to the Utica Observer-Dispatch. Preliminary police reports indicate the minor may have been from Madison County, an area several hours to the south of Fort Drum.

Lieutenant Colonel David Konop had this to say about the alleged oral sex video shared by the soldier’s wife during an interview with the New York Daily News:

“We are constantly trying to brief our soldiers on things that they should not be doing.”

Konop also noted that the Shawn Raymo sex crime allegations are the first time he has ever heard of such an incident with soldiers at the Army post. It is a felony to use a child younger than 17 in a sexual performance in New York. Both the Fort Drum soldier and his wife were held in the Jefferson County jail on a $5,000 bail. Grand jury action in the Skype oral sex video case is still pending.