'Impact Wrestling' Star Tyrus Shares His Thoughts On The United Airlines Incident

Recently, news outlets have been saturated with reporting the United Airlines incident. Days ago, a viral video was spread as a result of David Dao being "violently removed" from a plane in Chicago, Illinois, heading to Louisville, Kentucky. Daos' attorney, Thomas Demetrio, stated in a press conference that any time the airline wants to reject someone from a plane, it should never be done by aggressive force or violence. Since "that's the law," he states, the carrier (United Airlines) is responsible for it. He stated that United did not take care of his passenger. He also stated that United Airlines has "bullied us" for years by not treating passengers fairly.

USA Today reported a story of Dr. Dao receiving an email of someone comparing this incident to Rosa Parks. There were also many tweets that coined Dao the "Asian Rosa Parks," supposedly due to him refusing to relinquish his seat as a result of the airline being overbooked. Attorney Demetrio commented on this comparison.

"I don't think that's the case at all. I think that what happened to Dr. Dao could have happened to any one of us."

This drew a great deal of ire from former WWE and current Impact Wrestling star Tyrus, who is a political commentator on the Greg Gutfield Show. Tyrus did not like how Dao was compared to Parks, and gave a heated explanation of why.


"You may not like this, but I'm gonna kick some truth to you guys. Number one, the video was garbage. You understand that by the time it got to the police having to come on, he had already been offered, practiced, begged, given an opportunity to leave. Other people were given an [opportunity]. Everyone's forgetting. What happened was United had an issue, the aviation stepped in and said we need four workers to get to the next airport to help another airplane (Delta) who crashed. [People] were missing flights, it was a big deal. At the bottom of your ticket that you buy, it says, the airline reserves the right, for any and all reasons, to remove your seat, or change your flight."
He went on to say that the person who bought the ticket accepts the terms and conditions. Dao was asked to get off the plane, and he stated that he was not going to. Ask a result, force had to be taken due to his failure to comply, which is when the camera turned on. Tyrus also added that police were involved to escort him off the plane, which they did. Instead of cuffing him, police and airline personnel decided to let him go. Dao further showed his non-compliance, Tyrus explained, by getting right back on the plane. Tyrus stated that "this person broke the law," and that he is "not a hero."

Forbes goes into detail about what the airplane ticket stated. Although the contract by United is excessively long, and is rarely read by anyone, it is legally enforceable in court, and the passenger agreed to it before entering to airplane. However, Forbes did potentially find a loophole to the contract. While it states that passengers would be denied involuntarily the ability to board the plane if the particular flight is oversold, it technically was not oversold. Instead, there were workers who needed seats, which causes a critical talking point for the prosecution to explore.


From the looks of it, the direction of the case may be entirely hinged on that part of the contract. Each side has a clear path of how to present their respective testimony to the judge and jury, and spectators will remain watching until the final verdict is out.

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