Kenya Moore And Matt: A Hidden Police Report Reveals Domestic Dispute And 911 Calls

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan have struggled to maintain a long-time relationship without too many fights, as they had an aggressive fight in Mexico while on vacation and more recently, at her Atlanta home. While Moore wanted to give Matt a chance, it sounds like the chance was short-lived as the two got into a fight at her home in Atlanta that resulted in a police report. That police report has been hidden thus far, as the fight may be showcased on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While Kenya and Matt got back together in November, it sounds like she may be moving on for now.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kenya Moore talked to police about Matt’s behavior after police arrived at her home back in June. Moore had called 911 after Jordan started acting out, including throwing her clothes around, broke things on her property and threw her bag down the steep driveway from his car. Moore was worried that things could escalate between them and called 911 for her personal protection.

“I arrived and found a suitcase in the driveway that was thrown down from the top with clothes everywhere,” the report obtained from the Sandy Springs Police Department reveals, adding, “I met Kenya Moore who had called 911 about a dispute with her former boyfriend.”

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore has revealed that Matt may have a jealousy problem. Kenya did tell viewers that he felt insecure after not knowing who she was texting when they were in Mexico, which caused him to kick in her door. But she had no idea that his behavior would continue once they got back home.

“Kenya stated she had just gotten back home when Matthew showed up and started a verbal argument,” the report continues, according to Radar Online, adding, “Kenya stated there was no physical contact and I did not see any marks on her,” but she was scared that the fight could escalate between them.

Over the summer, Jordan had written various social media posts about his behavior after their trip to Mexico in the spring. Here, he defended himself, calling Kenya Moore crazy and saying that he did love her, but he wasn’t about to lower himself to her level. The two ended their relationship after the police report was filed.

“Looking back, I blame myself totally,” Jordan posted on Instagram after the incident happened, according to Radar Online, adding, “I learned very late in the relationship that a woman will not trust a man fully if he seems irresponsible or not up to standard in areas of a relationship. If she doesn’t feel like she can put trust in a man emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc… That will cause a woman to feel resentment and most of all untrusting in her man.”

When police asked her about the damage to her property, including Kenya’s glass garage door, garage door, outdoor security camera and her Range Rover, Moore revealed that it was probably Matt’s doing. No word on whether she went after him for money or compensation, but the two of them got back together this month. No word on how she’s planning on handling any future domestic case. But it sounds like they are taking things easy and slowly these days, as she has yet to announce anything about getting back together.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s way of handling the drama with Matt Jordan? Do you think Kenya and Matt will be able to move forward from the drama and deal with their problems head on next time without police reports?

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for BET]