Blac Chyna Taunts Rob Kardashian Over Weight

Blac Chyna is taunting Rob Kardashian for being overweight following her weight loss after giving birth. The mother of two is now trying to motivate her fiancé on his weight loss journey.

Chyna has been teasing Rob about how much weight she has lost. She believes that teasing Rob about how much weight she has lost since giving birth will provide some motivation for her fiancé. Rob has been trying to shed some weight for some time, but it is not easy for him. Chyna is simply trying to help Rob and has his best interest in mind. Unfortunately, her plan does not seem to be working as expected.


“Between breastfeeding and doing some light exercise, dropping weight is so easy for Blac Chyna,” explained a source to HollywoodLife.

The source further added that Rob’s weight loss strategy is a bit more complicated than that of Chyna. It involves extreme exercise, dieting and a lot of commitment. If he manages to follow the strategy religiously, then he might be able to shed one or two pounds every week. Losing weight is important for Rob’s health. He was plagued by agoraphobia, depression, and anxiety for some time. Rob ended up gaining weight and was later diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Losing weight is important for easier management of his health.

While Rob has been having a rather tough time shedding some weight, his fiancée Blac Chyna has been having a very easy time shedding weight since she gave birth. It has only been a few weeks since she gave birth on November 9. The reality star posted on Snapchat recently revealing that she has lost 23 pounds since she gave birth. Chyna also posted an Instagram video a few weeks after she gave birth, revealing a surprisingly flat tummy.

“Post Baby Body already snapping back quickly!” Chyna wrote on her Instagram post.

Chyna has clearly been committed to getting her body back in shape and it seems she is making good progress. She is also following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, who is now a mother of two and still manages to look amazing. Khloe Kardashian was also in the spotlight recently after losing a lot of weight as part of her revenge body mission. Chyna followed in the same fashion as the Kardashian sisters by quickly and impressively shedding 23 pounds in a short period.


The reality show superstar reached a maximum weight of about 192 pounds while she was pregnant with her daughter Dream. She is planning to drop a total of 62 pounds to reach her target weight of 130 pounds. She has been happily sharing about her progress on social media. She is determined to make sure that she keeps her fans updated on her progress, and she also wants to motivate her soon to be husband to get back into shape. She is concerned about Rob’s health and she wants the best for him.


Chyna is motivated towards getting back in shape but that does not mean that it is as easy for Rob. The breastfeeding combined with the hard work. Unfortunately for Rob, he is not breastfeeding, so he is not getting the same results as his fiancée. Chyna, however, hopes that she can motivate Rob into putting in some more effort into losing weight. She is a good influence on Rob and though it has not always been smooth for the two, Rob has been very supportive. He has also become more positive and responsible, especially now that he is a father.

Chyna is hopeful that Rob will be more committed towards losing weight now that she has been teasing him about her own weight loss achievement.

[Featured Image by Raoul Gatchalian/AP Images]