'Final Fantasy XV': Should This Be Your First 'Final Fantasy' If You Haven't Played The Others? [Opinion]

With Final Fantasy XV around the corner, many are asking if they should start with this title or play the older games.

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy or are interested in playing the game, then there appear to be few consequences to starting with Final Fantasy XV. While there's quite a bit of hype surrounding the game, perhaps the most important fact is that Final Fantasy XV is a standalone title. This has been the trend by developer Square Enix on quite a few of their games. Almost every world is different, and each protagonist has a story of their own that's told through the plot.

In a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, you can catch information on just what we can expect from Final Fantasy XV. The synopsis alone should allow you to see that this title is unlike any other that has been released. Combat has been changed, mechanics have been upgraded from your classic turn-based gameplay, and the characters are new to the series. Of course, there are characters like Cindy who will be an homage to "Cid," the game's iconic mechanic and pilot of the Highwind airship. While the uninitiated might struggle to understand this significance, it shouldn't be a game breaker.

The downside to this being your first Final Fantasy will be the lack of what goes into making the game as iconic as it's shaping up to be. Things like moogles, cactuars, or chocobos will appear new and interesting. However, longtime fans will almost immediately recognize such things and feel even more at home with Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix has a knack for this, delivering heartfelt moments and elements that initially drew fans in to love its characters and stories.

Players who pick up Final Fantasy XV will also be exposed to new styles of gameplay. A report by GameSpot touches on the features that are new to Final Fantasy XV. While quite a few of the older Final Fantasy games rely on turn-based combat, Square Enix has since upgraded to a more real-time style of engaging monsters. Gone are the days when players had an eternity to choose their next attack. Instead, behemoths and other monsters will quickly deplete your health if you don't put thought into your actions and what abilities you'll make use of.

Summons in Final Fantasy XV seem to have been given a visual change, though longtime fans will be able to recognize the likes of Ramuh, Shiva, or Leviathan. These giant entities have been frequent across Final Fantasy games, but their function is largely the same.

Ultimately, there's quite a bit that newcomers to the Final Fantasy series will learn. However, this isn't to say that the plot will be ruined if nostalgia and familiar occurrences slip past you. Noctis, the main character, embarks on a journey unlike that we've witnessed before. With worlds opening up as time goes on, players should feel compelled to explore and familiarize themselves with just one of many worlds that exist in Final Fantasy.

If you're even slightly curious about picking up your first Final Fantasy game, this installment is sure to teach you all that you need to know. Additionally, it could be the point of interest that draws players to previous titles. Everyone has a different favorite, and you might even find one of your own with a trip down memory lane with the help of Final Fantasy lovers.

Do you think that this Final Fantasy installment is safe to be a newcomer's first? If not, what title do you believe a new Final Fantasy player should get into? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Square Enix]