Prince William Not Mad At Harry For Using Palace's Power To Defend Girlfriend Meghan Markle

Prince William is reportedly dismayed that younger brother Harry asked the Kensington Palace to release a statement defending his new girlfriend Meghan Markle. The Suits actress has been on the receiving end of sexist and racist remarks after news came out that Prince Harry is dating her.

An insider told the Daily Mail how Prince William supposedly reacted.

"He thinks Harry made a mistake in confirming the relationship and releasing such an emotional statement so soon. William knows that his brother can be hot-headed and understands that it is something he felt very strongly about. Privately, he shares a lot of the sentiments he and Meghan expressed as, make no mistake, she was very involved in the statement too."
Despite this report, a spokesman for the Palace told the Mirror that "the Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him."
Another source told the Telegraph that there's no way for Harry to release the statement without consulting his brother first.
"They don't issue statements like that without talking to each other, and they talked about the Meghan Markle statement extensively in advance of it being put out. The Duke was as alarmed as anyone about what was happening with Meghan. No-one wanted to have to put that statement out, including Prince Harry, and there was concern about confirming the relationship. But over the course of one weekend things escalated to the extent that Prince Harry felt he had to act."
It is significant to note as well that both princes have the same set of media advisers. This means, it would be impossible for the statement to come out without William's knowledge.

The Duke of Cambridge has no history of issuing public statements concerning his love life even when the press cruelly dubbed the Duchess of Cambridge "Waity Katie" because of her then lack of an engagement ring from William. The only time William had a statement was when his staff denied that he was dating his friend Jecca Craig.

Since William doesn't issue statements pertaining to his romantic affairs, it came as a surprise that the Kensington Palace shared a statement via its Twitter account. As per the statement, 32-year-old Harry is worried for the safety of his 35-year-old lady love.

"His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment. Some of this has been very public, the smear on the front page of a national news, paper, the racial undertones of comment pieces, and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments. Prince Harry is worried about Ms. Markle's safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her."
Prince Harry believes that people might say that Meghan has a "price to pay" for dating the bachelor, but he does not find it acceptable. "This is not a game… it is her life and his," read the statement.
Harry and Meghan met last June after a mutual friend introduced them to each other. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Antigua maintains that he has nothing to apologize for because his comments did not make Prince Harry upset. During Harry's visit to Antigua, Prime Minister Gaston Browne made a remark in front of more than 300 guests. "I believe we are expecting a new princess soon. I want you to know that you are very welcome to come on your honeymoon here," he said.

Since Harry would meet six beauty queens from the country, the prime minister added that the royal shouldn't worry because "whatever is done here, stays here." The embarrassed prince merely smiled.

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