WWE News: AJ Styles Says 'If WWE Fans Want Styles Vs Undertaker, We Should Give It To Them'

WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles has made quite an impression in his first year with WWE, and he could cap off his one-year reunion with WWE with a huge match that no one ever thought they would see. Styles made his debut with the WWE in January of this year at The Royal Rumble event, during the Rumble match at entrant number three. It got a major reaction, and from then on, Styles has managed to get over well with WWE fans.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon saw the talent Styles had whether he was supposed to get himself over, someone else, or both in the match. He felt that Styles was so good, after his early performance that he deserved to hold the WWE World Title. This was after two amazing matches with John Cena that could be match of the year candidates.

The major ability he has made him a valuable addition to the WWE team as you could put him in a match with literally anyone and he could make it entertaining. Let us look at his work with James Ellsworth alone for this. Now, there are rumors that he could take on The Undertaker sooner rather than later. This was rumored to happen at the Rumble event, and Styles was asked about it in an interview. He claimed...

AJ Styles Dean Ambrose
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"If they want Undertaker vs. AJ Styles I say we give it to them."
Referring to the fans when he said it, Styles was certainly willing to throw out the possibility of it and pretty much tell WWE publicly that this match should happen if at all possible. No one would really be against it because it truly is a dream match for so many of us who grew up watching WWE and of course tuned into TNA Wrestling and Ring of Honor for years as well.

The match between them would make a lot of sense as well. Undertaker is obviously a legend that surpasses titles, but Styles would beat Dean Ambrose at WWE TLC to retain his title and not have an opponent set for The Royal Rumble. Therefore an opponent would be needed. Otherwise, you don't have one of the top guys on a major PPV where the WWE happens to also be returning to the Alamo Dome for the first time in years.

WWE would not let this happen of course. That means a top babyface would be needed to face him for the title, and since John Cena would most likely be in the Rumble match, that leaves us with The Undertaker. Do keep in mind as well that this match would take place in Texas, the home state of the Deadman. On top of all of this, this is supposed to be his last run in WWE.

Undertaker returns to SD LIve
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WWE has already laid out the plans for this match beginning the week of WWE Survivor Series. He said if anyone cost Team WWE SmackDown Live, they would not have to fear the failure of the team but rather, would have to fear The Undertaker. AJ Styles cost Dean Ambrose to be eliminated in the match and Ambrose would return to make sure AJ was eliminated as well.

Obviously, the blue brand won the men's tag team match, but neither man knew that would happen for sure. Their reactions and hatred for each other almost led to the loss. This is something The Undertaker would obviously see, which means it makes sense for him to go after whoever wins their match at WWE TLC. If AJ Styles leaves as champion, he will face Undertaker at The Royal Rumble, and if Dean wins the title back, he very well could face Undertaker instead.

The match with AJ Styles makes far more sense, and since it is a match fans want to see, WWE would have the opportunity to make it happen and draw interest to the Rumble event. Clearly, when The Undertaker wrestles, it's special. However, having a match with Styles is even bigger for fans. The storyline makes sense and fans want the match, so it looks like WWE is prepared to give it to us and Styles wants to make sure people know the company is listening.

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