Virginia Doctor Researches Reincarnation: Past-Life Evidence And Proof Of Reincarnation

A Virginia doctor has spent many years researching reincarnation. Through multiple studies, he has found past-life evidence and proof of reincarnation, the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit (IISIS) reports.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Dr. Ian Stevenson has dedicated years of his life to determine whether reincarnation is a possibility after death, and what he has found is quite incredible.

Dr. Stevenson has studied multiple cases, including children who have immense memories of a past life. Others undergo past-life regression in order to recollect past-life memories.

Throughout all of his studies, Dr. Stevenson has been able to determine multiple aspects of reincarnation. He has determined that a soul can reincarnate into someone of a different race, gender, nationality, religion, and ethnic affiliation. A very interesting fact that Dr. Stevenson has been able to justify is that souls can share similar facial features from one life to the next. Take a look at the case of John B. Gordon and Jeff Keene.

Jeff Keene, a retired fire fighter, said that he suddenly started becoming aware of things that he was not able to explain. For instance, he "knew" that he was friends with some famous people, even though he had never even met them. Situations occurred that made Jeff feel as though he was be guided to find out who he was in a past life.

"Getting to the point were the word 'coincidence' was worn very thin, I decided to accept the fact that I was being guided and opened myself to what life wanted to show me. Long after I had been convinced of a past life, unusual events kept reinforcing my conclusions, so much so that the only reason I could come up with for such revelations was that I was to share them with others."
Although Jeff never had any affiliation with the Civil War, he was compelled to visit the battlefield. While he was there, he stumbled across an area that John B. Gordon had occupied during the Civil War.

Dr. Ian Stevenson studies a case of reincarnation of John B. Gordon, a Civil War soldier
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"A wave of grief, sadness and anger washed over me. Without warning I was suddenly consumed by sensations. Burning tears ran down my cheeks. It became difficult to breathe. I gasped for air, as I stood transfixed in the old roadbed. To this day I cannot tell you how much time transpired, but as these feelings, this emotional overload passed, I found myself exhausted as if I had run a marathon."
Jeff and his wife went to a souvenir shop, where he was intrigued by a book that shared the story about John B. Gordon. The facial features between the two were strikingly similar.

Another study completed by Dr. Stevenson was the case of Anne Frank and Barbro Karlen. This case proved that ethnic and religious attributions can change from a past-life.

Anne Frank died in a concentration camp in 1945.

Dr. Ian Stevenson studied a case of a woman who was a reincarnation of Anne Frank, who died in a concentration camp
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Barbro Karlen was born in Sweden to a christian family in 1954. When Barbro wasn't even 4-years-old, she told her parents that her name was Anne Frank, not Barbro. Further, Barbro refused to call her parents "ma" and "pa" because she knew that they were not her real parents. Still, her family had no idea who Anne Frank was.

She regularly told stories to her family about her life as Anne Frank, but her parents rubbed it off as being fantasies. Barbro also had regular nightmares, where a man ran up the stairs to the attic, where she and her family were hiding, and kicked down the door.

Eventually, when Barbro was 10-years-old, her memories were able to lead her family to Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam. By then, Barbro's family was speechless. How could she find a house in Amsterdam, which she had never even been to?

"We don't need a taxi, it's not far to walk from here. We'll soon be there, it's just round the next corner."
Barbro's story is absolutely amazing. Her parents were convinced that Barbro must have been a reincarnation of Anne Frank. There again, the facial features of Barbro and Anne are incredibly similar.

Dr. Stevenson has compared personalities among those thought to be reincarnated. Among the majority of cases, personalities were strikingly similar. Also, some had birthmarks and scars that were present in a past life. Another very interesting fact made aware to Dr. Stevenson is that talent and child prodigies were often explained through reincarnation.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Stevenson's studies, take a look at his page. A similar study among another Virginia doctor, Jim B. Tucker, can be located here. Perhaps reincarnation really is a possibility.

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