Kim Kardashian Did Not Abandon Kanye West At Hospital [Debunked]

Kim Kardashian has not abandoned Kanye West at a hospital, despite rumors making their way around the Internet. The rumor was started by Radar Online.

“Kanye West’s cracking point could’ve been due to being away from Kim Kardashian too long, but is she not helping matters by leaving him again to go party with her sisters?”

The article adds that Kanye was left alone on Thanksgiving. She allegedly spent a couple hours with him in the morning but left early so she could celebrate the holiday with Kylie Jenner in Calabasas. Surprisingly, many of the commenters after the article support Kardashian.

“Psych hospitals are for the patient to get help. They go to group and individual therapy and spend time doing healing ‘homework.’ It’s not like you can visit for endless hours!” claims Srwcjw.

“She doesn’t need to be anywhere other than with her own children for the holiday. Con-ye will have to figure this out on his own with help of a person who can read and write and help him with the insurance papers,” says another commenter.

However, as Gossip Cop reveals, Radar Online‘s story is complete bogus.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West
Kim Kardashian is not abandoning Kanye West during tough times. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

“Kim Kardashian did NOT ‘abandon’ Kanye West at the hospital amid his mental health issues, despite a ridiculous webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s false,” said columnist Andrew Shuster, who checked in with a source close to the Kardashian family that said West’s well-being is very important, and he has not been “abandoned” in any way.

This Kardashian rumor follows another strange one by Hollywood Life, a site that claims that Kim turned to psychic Jayne Wallace after all the drama with hubby Kanye and the Paris robbery.

“Whoah, this is really crazy! Psychic Jayne Wallace admitted that Kim Kardashian has been turning to her amidst all of the drama in her life right now! We feel so bad for Kim, she has so much going on in her life right now!”

The article adds that Janye had so much to say about Kim, even revealing how down to earth she is. Jayne also said how normal her family is. However, Gossip Cop has once again put the brakes on another false story.

“Kim Kardashian did NOT consult with psychic Jayne Wallace after the Paris robbery or during the current situation with Kanye West, despite the woman stating she talked to the reality star,” claims the Gossip Cop staff, adding that after doing some fact checking, it appears that Wallace and Kardashian have never even spoken to each other.

Kanye West Meltdown
Besides being robbed in Paris, Kim Kardashian has dealt with her husband being hospitalized after several public meltdowns. [Image by Victor Boyko/Getty Images]

It has been a rather eventful fall season for Kardashian. Besides dealing with a horrific robbery, Kim had to deal with some outlets calling her a liar and using the whole robbery scenario as a publicity stunt. Then, she had to deal with her husband Kanye’s outbursts and his subsequent hospitalization. According to the New York Daily News, Kardashian had to skip her first red carpet appearance after the Paris robbery.

“Kim Kardashian’s return to the spotlight is on hold again. The reality star was expected to walk her first red carpet since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris last month in New York City on Monday, but skipped the event amid news that husband Kanye West had been hospitalized in Los Angeles.”

The article adds that Kardashian was going to make her comeback at the Angel Ball, which is a fundraiser for cancer research. Hopefully, we will see another Kim Kardashian red carpet appearance soon.

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]