'Outlander' Season 3 Spoilers: Who Is Jamie Hugging In The New Trailer?

Outlander Season 3 may still be months away, but that's not stopping fans from analyzing the newly released trailer. Of course, the new promo for the Starz series had viewers on the edge of their seats wanting to see more, and trying to figure out exactly who the person is that Jamie is hugging in one of the clips, because it isn't Claire.

Warning: Major Outlander book spoilers below.

According to Carter Matt, the Outlander Season 3 trailer has stirred up quite the controversy among fans online, and has lead to the reveal of some big spoilers from the book series. The teaser for the upcoming batch of episodes conveys tears, happiness, fear, and every emotion in between, but one thing it doesn't reveal is the person hugging Claire's husband, Jamie Fraser. Fans immediately noticed the scene in which Jamie is seen embracing someone with blonde hair, and they want answers.

The controversial hug occurs around the 27-second mark in the Outlander Season 3 trailer, and seems to be a big moment during the season as it's conveyed in the trailer. While fans who haven't read the book series are wondering exactly who this unidentified character may be, viewers who have read Diana Gabaldon's novels have a few theories of what's happening in the teaser.

The person Jamie is hugging seems to be a young female child at first look. The person looks to be wearing a dress and a bonnet, and embraces Jamie emotionally. One of the biggest fan theories about the hug is that Jamie is wrapping his arms around Marsali, who in the book is the daughter of Laoghaire. Laoghaire's name was changed to Leary for the television show. Outlander viewers may remember Leary as the woman who tried to frame Claire as a witch back in Season 1, and nearly got her burned at the stake in hopes of winning Jamie's love for herself.

Fans of the books know that Leary eventually becomes Jamie's wife in the years that he and Claire are apart, and the situation turns messy when Claire returns to the past and reunites with the love of her life. While the theory about Marsali makes sense, Diana Gabaldon reportedly debunked the rumor via her Facebook page.

Another fan theory revealed that the child may not be a girl at all, but Jamie's own son, William. As fans of the Outlander books know, Jamie fathered William after his mother, Geneva, blackmailed him into sharing her bed on the night before she wed the Earl of Ellesmere. After Geneva and the Earl of Ellesmere both passed away, William was raised by his mother's sister, Isobel and her husband Lord John Grey.

Jamie, who is employed at the Earl's estate, is forced to watch his illegitimate child grow up, but tries to befriend him and impart some fatherly wisdom on his secret son. Finally, William's resemblance to Jamie begins to become hard to ignore and Jamie believes it is time to leave the estate, and William, behind. While the theory is a juicy one, Gabaldon also debunked that one on Facebook.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Outlander Season 3 will begin with the Battle of Culloden, and reveal what Jamie and Claire have been doing in the many years that they have been away from one another. Claire has gone back to her life with her first husband, Frank, and is raising she and Jamie's daughter, Briana, as Jamie's hardships after Culloden will also be documented throughout the season.

What are your thoughts on the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers and theories? Who do you think Jamie may be hugging in the new teaser trailer?

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