UFO Video Shows Hundreds Of Alien Spacecraft Taking Off From The Moon, ET Hunters Claim: It’s An Optical Illusion, Experts Say [Debunked]

UFO hunters claim to have obtained footage showing a massive fleet of UFOs, hundreds of them, taking off from the Moon in a swarm. According to UFO enthusiasts, the video clip, recently uploaded to YouTube, shows a large fleet of UFOs — believed to be alien spacecraft — taking off from the lunar surface and flying around to the far side of the Moon.

But experts and UFO skeptics have dismissed the claim, saying that the visual impression of a large fleet of alien spaceships taking off and flying in a swarm over the lunar surface was due to an optical illusion caused by an out-of-focus lens.

The footage, taken and uploaded to YouTube on November 13, 2016, by UFO hunter Geri Vigil, shows the supermoon observed recently in night skies across the world. The supermoon was the closest full moon to the Earth since January 26, 1948, according to EarthSky.

But according to Vigil, the footage also shows a large fleet of alien spacecraft taking off from the lunar surface and flying in a swarm.

Vigil’s video, titled “Large Group Of UFOs Leaving The Moon,” has gone viral on YouTube with more than 300,000 views.

YouTube UFO hunter Mister Enigma also uploaded a copy of the video to his YouTube channel on November 19, 2016. The footage went viral immediately and has received more than 700,000 views.

“In an amazing video uploaded to YouTube on November 13 by Geri Vigil alleged UFOs can be seen leaving the moon,” Mister Enigma explained in the description of the video titled “Massive Amount Of UFO’s Leaving The Moon?”

The claim that the footage shows alien UFO spacecraft taking off from the lunar surface sparked excited chatter on multiple UFO forums, with many enthusiasts declaring that the video offers proof of the popular conspiracy theory claim that the Moon had been colonized by technologically advanced spacefaring extraterrestrial species before the Apollo 11 mission crew landed in July 1969.

Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon
Neil Armstrong, first man on the Moon: Aliens observed the first human landing on the moon, according to UFO hunters [Image by NASA/Public Domain/Wikimedia]

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring declared on his weird UFO Sightings Daily blog that the video probably shows an alien fleet stationed on the Moon by alien colonists after the manned Apollo mission landings in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

According to Waring, alien Moon colonists stationed the fleet of attack crafts on the Moon after the Apollo landings to prevent human astronauts from returning to the Moon.

“It’s been known by a lot of astronomers that if the edge of the moon is observed well enough, you will see fleets of UFOs in orbit move around the moon’s horizon,” Waring wrote. “Many Apollo astronauts have stated that they saw UFOs near on and near the moon, so maybe these objects are a form of protection from the future Apollo missions to the moon.”

Waring’s bizarre theory echoes the popular UFO conspiracy theory belief that the NASA astronauts who first landed on the Moon under the Apollo program were accosted by hostile aliens who claimed that the Moon was their exclusive territory.


The alleged aliens had observed the Apollo 11 mission, the first manned lunar landing in July 1969, with alarm. They eventually confronted the Apollo 17 mission crew (Apollo 17 was the last manned Moon landing) and ordered them to leave the lunar surface.

They also warned NASA and the U.S. government not to return to the Moon.

Note: The YouTube below shows a photo taken by the Apollo 17 crew as they left the lunar surface in December 1972. Some alien hunters claim the photo shows an alien military craft hovering menacingly above the lunar surface as it monitored the Apollo 17 crew to ensure that they comply with orders to leave the lunar surface and to never return.

The presence of hostile aliens on the Moon explains why NASA scrapped the Apollo program and abandoned Apollo 18 through 20 missions, claiming budget constraints, according to alien hunters.

Note: Alien hunters claim that the video below shows a mysterious alien UFO stalking the Apollo 17 crew on the lunar surface.

But skeptics have dismissed claims that the video shows alien crafts swarming over the lunar surface. According to photography experts and sky watchers, the visual impression of a mass of objects taking off from the lunar surface is an optical illusion or artifacts in the image caused by an out-of-focus lens.

John Biondo, a photographer and sky watcher, commented on a forum that the video does not show UFOs but a phenomenon that is observed often on the edge of the Moon due to a glitch in digital imagery, the Daily Mail reports.

“UFO’s are not what you’re seeing. It is a phenomenon seen anytime you look at the Moon’s edge,” Biondo commented, according to the Daily Mail. “I have lots of telescope time. You see this all the time, it’s called Chromatic Aberration. (Google it) You see it more when the lens is out of focus as well, such as in this video.”

“This is just an optical illusion,” another viewer said. “It happens when the air’s humidity is high and the light from the Moon gets distorted or multiple light sources/bright objects in the distance on the earth gets reflected.”

Eugene Cernan on the moon
Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene Cernan was the last man on the Moon [Image by NASA/Public Domain/Wikimedia]

And according to Photography Life, the optical illusion occurs when a camera lens is unable to focus diverse wavelengths of visible light on a unified focal plane.

However, the firm belief that aliens had landed on the Moon and established a thriving lunar colony before the first Apollo mission human astronauts landed in July of 1969, may have originated from testimonies offered by former NASA employees and contractors, such as Dona Hare and Air Force Sergeant Karl Wolfe, according to The Inquisitr.

Hare and Wolfe claimed to have witnessed NASA technicians altering original space images and editing out evidence of aliens and UFOs in space. Hare claimed that while she worked as a NASA contractor, she learned from multiple sources within NASA that the first men on the Moon saw alien flying saucers parked on the lunar surface.

Hare also claimed that she saw original NASA photographs showing “huge alien structures” on the lunar far side.

The Inquisitr also reported that Clark C. McClelland, a former NASA employee, claimed that while monitoring a Space Shuttle mission from the Kennedy Space Center, he saw a nine-foot-tall alien standing and talking with NASA astronauts in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay.

[Featured Image by Preju Thoppil Suresh/Shutterstock]