Trump’s Obama Hoax Flops, Twitter Mocks Mogul For Publicity Stunt

As Donald Trump’s Obama announcement was revealed to be yet another publicity stunt after its 12 pm revelation, users on Twitter and Facebook — where Trump’s follower account increased by several thousands as he teased a bombshell — have been reacting to the video released by the New York City mogul earlier today.

Speculation about Donald Trump’s Obama bombshell was rife, as many believed that the former GOP presidential hopeful had uncovered some solid proof that the President was hiding something given the large setup for the media letdown.

Now that Trump’s Obama announcement has flopped, users have taken to Twitter with their reactions to the brouhaha.

Most have indicated that they expected something of the sort (Trump offered Obama $5 million to give to a charity in return for his college transcripts and passport application), but many have excoriated the publicity-hungry trash TV king for wasting the media’s time and creating hype over nothing.

Twitter users have been mocking the abrasive mogul after the failure of Trump’s Obama announcement to make the desired splash, and we’ve collected some of the reactions below — what did you think of Trump’s big bombshell?

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