85 MPH Highway Opens In Texas

Highway 130 in Texas is officially America’s fastest highway. The road, which has an 85 mph speed limit over a 41 mile stretch, opened today.

USA Today reports that the 85 mph toll road will help alleviate congestion between Austin and San Antonio. Drivers will have to pay 15 cents per mile or about $6.15 for a one way trip down America’s fastest highway.

The road was built by private company by Cintra-Zachry, but the 85 mph speed limit was set by the Texas Department of Transportation. Chris Lippincott, an official with the State Highway 130 Concession Co., said:

“We are committed to operating a safe, reliable highway for our customers… On any road, drivers hold the key to safety based on traffic, travel conditions and the capabilities of their own vehicles.”

Still, some people are worried about the increased speed limit. Jonathan Adkins, deputy executive director with the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, said that people are bound to drive 5 to 10 mph faster than the 85 mph speed limit, and, with drivers pushing 100 mph down America’s fastest road, Texas may see some terrible crashes.

Adkins said:

“Whenever we see a posted speed limit, we think we can go above it, we think we can go 5 or 10 mph above it and a lot of cases we can’t, so the reality is you’re talking about the flow of traffic being 90, 95, even a little bit more, and so if you’re in a crash, you’re just not going to survive, even if you wear a seat belt.”

What do you think about the 85 mph highway?