Jana Duggar Keeps Courting News Away From ‘Counting On’ As Jill, Jessa And Jinger Get Married And Joy-Anna Gets Whisked Off

From the outside, it looks like Jana Duggar can’t catch her break as a string of her younger sisters, Jill, Jessa and Jinger, get married off. The eldest daughter of the Duggars has not even started courting, despite the fact that her 19-year-old sister Joy-Anna just entered one with Austin Forsythe. Why is Jana Duggar keeping courting news away from the family’s TLC show, Jill and Jessa Counting On?

This year has been a busy one for the Duggar girls. Jill returned home with her husband Derick Dillard and baby Israel from their extended mission trip to El Salvador, Jessa got pregnant with her second baby, and Jinger got married to Jeremy Vuolo after a short courting period. On top of all that, Joy-Anna, just days after Jinger’s wedding and turning 19, announced that she has entered a courtship with Austin Forsythe, whom she has known for 15 years.

“I just asked her to enter a courtship with me,” Austin said, according to RadarOnline. “Almost 15 years. I picked this spot because last time we were here together was August 1, 2015.”

“There was a whole group of us that came up,” Joy Anna continued. “And we were just hanging out and it was really late at night, stars were just gorgeous. For me that’s really special, but then just being with him. And then now it’s even more special because it’s where we start our courtship.”

“I hadn’t been here in so long,” she said. “I was not expecting this. So happy.”


Jana ended up playing a supporting role in Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding. Her pregnant sister Jessa took up the responsibility of being maid of honor and Joy-Anna took the chance to speak to the cameras for Counting On special clip on TLC.

“The wedding, which took place at the Cathedral of the Ozarks at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, included nearly 1,000 guests,” reports People Magazine. “Vuolo’s father Chuck officiated and his brother Charles served as best man, while Duggar’s sister Jessa (Duggar) Seewald served as the maid of honor.”


At the age of 26, Jana Duggar is the oldest daughter in her family to not have anyone that she is courting. While there are a lot of speculations as to why, from the past rumors, it looks like she is taking her time to pick the perfect one.

“Jana didn’t name her suitors, but she has been attached to several men,” reports Yahoo! Sports. “Not only was she infamously linked to former NFL star Tim Tebow in 2014 (a claim her cousin vehemently denied on her behalf), she was also said to have once had a failed romance with a fellow reality star. In 2015 it was reported that Jana turned down advances from family friend and now-married Bringing Up Bates star Zach Bates after having “secret chaperoned dates.”

She also has spoken about the issue herself, showing her desires to start a family like her sisters, but also remembering that she does not want to make a hasty decision.

“There have been different guys who have come along and asked, but they haven’t been, I don’t know, the right one,” she revealed, according to Radar Online. “It can be tempting, like, ‘Oh, I really want to be married,’ because in those moments, your siblings that are married and have little ones are going on dates and doing their thing. It’s like this weird in-between stage. I’m not a younger one, but I’m not an older, married one with kids.”

Not having started her own family means that Jana has a lot more time to spend with her siblings — all 19 of them. She is often touted as the Cinderella Duggar, who helps her family with household matters like “re-doing her parent’s guest home,” and being the support for all the various celebrations and holiday planning. In fact, she recently caught the media’s attention by purchasing “a former tattoo parlor near her home in Springdale, Arkansas.”

Do you think she wants to establish a business for herself before she starts courting? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Instagram]