WWE News: Reason Why WWE Announced Goldberg For The 'WWE Royal Rumble' So Early Revealed

Less than 24 hours after the shocking victory over Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series, Goldberg confirmed himself as the first entrant in the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble match in January. It isn't known if he'll appearg on WWE television before then, but he definitely changed WWE in under two minutes on Sunday night, so he may not necessarily need to appear before the WWE Royal Rumble PPV.

The real reason why Bill Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar so quickly at WWE Survivor Series was reported very shortly after the PPV. Apparently, WWE officials extending Goldberg's run for the WWE Royal Rumble was part of it, but another reason was a tweaked shoulder injury that prevented him from working a long and grueling match with Lesnar. WWE thought a short match would be best for business.

A lot of people thought Goldberg vs. Lesnar III could take place at the WWE Royal Rumble, but the former's announcement as the first participant in the Royal Rumble match will hold off the second rematch. However, Brock has also been announced for the match. Now, a lot of people are wondering why WWE officials made the announcement for both men so early. The answer seems obvious, but it's all part of WWE's big plan.

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According to a new report, Goldberg isn't expected to work a heavy schedule at all as his WWE comeback continues into 2017. It's said that he'll work a limited schedule similar to Brock's, which will make all of his appearances rare and must-see. Because of that, WWE is much better off announcing his return to television the vast majority of the time. The WWE Royal Rumble PPV in January is no exception.

WWE is working extremely hard to make the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble PPV as big as possible, so the announcement that Goldberg will be entering the Royal Rumble match for the first time in over a decade was made to help WWE sell tickets and ensure that the Alamodome in San Antonio sells out well before January. The announcement that Brock Lesnar will be in the match as well was done for the same reason.

That's not surprising news, and WWE is not even close to done with bringing in the big attractions or the big matches for the PPV. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar each being a part of the WWE Royal Rumble PPV is just the beginning. What is more important is how those two men are booked heading into Wrestlemania 33.

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For Goldberg, the expectation is the feud with Lesnar will continue beyond the WWE Royal Rumble. A lot of people are thinking that confrontation will eventually lead to the third match of their rivalry taking place on the grandest stage of them all next year. The word is that Goldberg is signed through WrestleMania 33, so it's likely Brock Lesnar will finally get his win and Goldberg will get his big sendoff from WWE in Orlando.

A lot of people are unhappy about the way Goldberg's win over Lesnar went down at WWE Survivor Series this weekend, but there is unquestionably a ton of money in Goldberg's run on WWE programming. WWE officials are thinking of using that to sell out and create two of the biggest PPVs in the company's history. It seemed to be a waste for Goldberg to put over Lesnar just like everyone else has over the past few years.

Frankly, the loss does a lot more good for Goldberg than it does to hurt Brock Lesnar's momentum. It did take a hit, but that isn't anything WWE officials weren't prepared to handle when they made the decision on Sunday. Apparently, it was even Brock's idea. Ultimately, Lesnar will get his victory, and Goldberg will have one last run in WWE. There will be some complaints, but the Alamodome will be sold out come January.

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