WWE News: Real Reason Why Goldberg Defeated Brock Lesnar So Quickly At ‘WWE Survivor Series’ Revealed

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar was always an extremely interesting situation heading into WWE Survivor Series because one of the two WWE Superstars had to take a huge loss in the match. Most people were expecting a match of biblical proportions as two of WWE’s biggest heavyweights of all time went to war to cement their place on top of the WWE ladder and the food chain. However, that is not what happened on Sunday night.

Heading into WWE Survivor Series, it didn’t seem that either man would win their match decisively. From the logic of booking, a dominant victory for Lesnar would have permanently ended Goldberg’s WWE career and made the WWE Universe wonder why he was brought back just to lose to Lesnar. On the other hand, a decisive victory for Goldberg would significantly hurt Brock’s momentum as WWE’s unstoppable force.

WWE officials had to make a decision that was going to be criticized no matter what, so they decided to go with the most shocking and possibly Earth-shattering result. Last night at WWE Survivor Series, Goldberg dominated and defeated Brock Lesnar in the upset of the year. It only took two Spears, one Jackhammer, and roughly a minute of match time for Goldberg to give Lesnar his first completely clean loss since 2013.

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Obviously, there were a lot of immediate reactions and opinions about Goldberg defeating Brock in such a dominant way, especially since it was reported that WWE officials were planning to give Brock Lesnar the win over Goldberg last night. Many WWE fans are pleasantly surprised that Goldberg won the match and that Brock Lesnar finally put someone over after being booked so strongly on WWE programming for years.

However, some WWE fans are appalled by the result and even went as far as to call it a “disgrace.” WWE knew that many people wouldn’t be happy, but the entire fanbase is talking about the result, which is the most important thing. Not only that, but everyone wants to know what’s next for both Goldberg and Lesnar. There isn’t a lot of news, but Goldberg is apparently signed for the WWE Royal Rumble PPV in January.

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar was expected to be a one-time thing, but now the former will be returning to WWE television for WWE Royal Rumble as well. Obviously, WWE officials have a long-term plan after last night, or they wouldn’t have booked such an extreme finish. Goldberg’s role in WWE is set to continue, but it is being reported that WWE booked Goldberg vs. Lesnar the way they did last night for a specific reason.

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According to a new report, WWE officials wanting Goldberg to look strong for his upcoming appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV in January was a big reason for his victory. Another reason why WWE booked Goldberg to go over so strongly in a short match is the “tweaked shoulder” he suffered on Raw last week was bad enough that it prohibited him from working a longer match with Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series.

Because of that, the decision was made for Goldberg to win the match early, but it wasn’t out of character for a performer who made his name by defeating his opponents quickly. WWE also had some major concerns about the Toronto crowd turning against Goldberg in the main event, so booking a quick match with a few big moves also didn’t give the crowd the chance to take over the situation.

Just before WWE Survivor Series, Goldberg revealed that he was back in WWE to “kill” Brock Lesnar, What WWE officials do next is going to be very interesting because the WWE Universe will be expecting a rematch between Goldberg and Lesnar, so they’ll probably reveal their plans tonight on Raw, or sometime very soon.

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